Do Acne Scars Go Away

adsense-fallback – People have been asking me this question: “Hey, do acne scars go away?” Although I am not a dermatologist (and have no plan on being one, mind you), I know acne scars can be something that is very annoying to have. The once beautiful skin is now a holed one because there are acne scars in there. Your lovely face is just a memory, and you may now say hello to your new face.

Acne scars are not good to have, and they are often caused by the smallest mistake you did when you did have acne in the skin. A little act of scratching an acne or popping it, though have no immediate negative effect on your skin (it would even give you a sense of relief), WILL have a long term effect on your skin and your internal health as well. Pushing a zit down and breaking it would cause scarring and some unwanted complications for your bloodstream and even your brains.

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Acne scars could cause many problems, and lots of them are psychological ones. When you are a teenager, acnes would grow in your face, and some people pop it because it is fun and relieving. After they pop it, scars set on your face and you become someone that is less undesirable. In our teenage years, we are at the weakest we are faced with our insecurities. Having a rough face only adds to that, and we would have to cope with a bigger hardship of life (deep huh? I can just say that having a scarred face is not desirable, but that would be less dramatic).

Lucky for you people whose acne scar is getting more and more annoying, acne scars can go away. There are two ways for you to get rid of acne scars, the natural and the unnatural way, and I would elaborate further below:


The natural ways

If your acne scars are not that deep, the scars would go away naturally. It would be gone when your skin decide to reconstruct the damaged area and close it with a brand new skin. This is the most natural way, because you do not need anything else but time and a hope that your healing factor is strong enough.

Natural medications for acne scars include lemon juice and honey. With the lemon juice, you can just make yourself a lemon mask (combine the juice with other skin-beneficial stuff and apply it on the face). If you do not have a lemon juice but you have honey, you just have to apply it on your face, leave it when you are sleeping, and voila.

Do be mindful that there is not natural way of removing acne scars that would make the acne scars completely disappear. This natural ways will only help to mask that acne scar so that it would not be that visible.

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The unnatural ways

Plastic surgery. With plastic surgery, everything can happen. If people can turn into other people by the help of plastic surgery, then there is no chance that the plastic surgery could not remove your acne scars. The downsides are that plastic surgeries are not exactly cheap (if you compare it with buying honey or lemon juice). Plastic surgeries also have higher chances of failing, so you have that as well.

I hope this humble article could help you on the question “do acne scars go away?”