Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help Acne


The Natural Zit Cure: Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help Acne? – A lot of people may not know this and wonder, does apple cider vinegar help acne? The answer is yes, it does. Apple cider vinegar is a common ingredients in your kitchen, but the chemical substances contained inside it have some effect regarding your acne. Acne is caused by bacteria and this apple cider vinegar here has the ability to fight it. But, there are also a few side effects in using apple cider vinegar, regardless of the benefit you will get. Here is some info you need to know about apple cider vinegar to cure your acne, or at least help a little bit.

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It can kill the acne-inducing bacteria

We know that acne is caused by dirt and bacteria that close the pore and the oil glands on your face, causing an inflammation and then piling up until it become acne. The size and pain caused by the acne could be different for each person. Apple cider vinegar has the required chemical substance to kill that acne causing bacteria. The substances that can kill acne bacteria contained in apple cider vinegar are acetic, citric, lactic and succinic acid. There is no specific research or study regarding this matter, but the substance contained inside the vinegar is proved to have the ability in fighting acne bacteria.



Apple vinegar can lessen the visibility of your acne scars

Some nasty acnes may cause your skin too be scarred or discolored. Apple cider vinegar has the required chemical substance to reduce these after effect of acne. The process is also known as chemical peeling, which is quite similar with face treatment such as peeling and facial. Chemical peeling is a process where your damaged skin layer will be removed slowly (based on the substance) and then encourage it to regenerate and create new layer, removing discolored or scarred layer caused by the acne. The substance contained in apple cider vinegar is somewhat burn your skin, so you shouldn’t using it if you have a sensitive skin or apply the vinegar in an open wounds since it can create a painful sensation.

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So, how should I apply the apple cider vinegar so that it would not hurt?

It is already mentioned that the apple cider vinegar can cause a burning sensation on your skin. The pain caused by this burning sensation may differ to each person, especially those who have sensitive. It is recommended that you shouldn’t use the vinegar for a long time. The best way to apply this on your skin is by mixing it with some water. The ratio between the water and the vinegar can be adjusted into your skin’s adaptability to endure the burning sensation. Though, if the burning sensation still occur even after mixing it with water, you may consider to stop using apple cider vinegar as your acne treatment.

Apple cider vinegar has the abilities to reduce scar and discolor caused by the acne. It also can help you to prevent acne breakout because of its anti-bacteria substance. Although it has good effects, there is a side effect when applying the vinegar which is a burning sensation that can cause pain. Does apple cider vinegar help acne? Of course it does, but you need to pay some attention when applying it.