Best Over The Counter Acne Medicine

adsense-fallback –  Acne medication sometimes takes months, even with the best over the counter acne medicine, depending on how severe the acne is experienced.


You can cure your own mild acne in the form of spots, blackheads, and blackheads using a cream or gel that contains benzoyl peroxide. Cream or gel you can buy without a prescription. Here are some helpful suggestions for you with acne.


Helpful suggestions for you with acne

  1. Use mild soap or cleanser, and warm water to clean out acne areas
  2. Avoid using water that is too hot or cold because it can make acne worse
  3. Do not wash the skin area often acne because it will only exacerbate the irritation, simply wash twice a day
  4. Arrange hair as much as possible so as not to face and hair shampoo regularly to always clean
  5. Do not try to remove blackheads by pressing it because it will aggravate and leave scars
  6. Do not use cosmetics or excessive makeup
  7. We recommend using water-based cosmetic products that have no effect inhibiting skin pores
  8. Clean up the makeup before bed
  9. If you have dry skin, use a water-based moisturizer that does not contain perfume

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Medicines for acne

  • Topical retinoids
    In addition to preventing the clogging of hair follicles by dead skin cells, topical retinoids are also able to reduce sebum production in the oil glands. Topical retinoid medications commonly used are tretinoin and adapalene, available in the form of creams and gels. This medicine is usually used once before bedtime, which is 20 minutes after you wash your face.
  • Benzoyl peroxide
    Benzoyl peroxide is able to prevent dead skin clogging hair follicles and killing bacteria that can infect clogged follicles. This medicine is used on acne prone areas within 20 minutes after you wash your face. Benzoyl peroxide is available in gel and cream form.
  • Azelaic acid
    Azelaic acid is able to get rid of dead skin and kill acne bacteria. This drug is commonly used as an alternative for those who do not want to undergo treatment with topical retinoids or benzoyl peroxide because of its irritating and annoying side effects. This drug does not make the wearer sensitive to sunlight.
  • Topical antibiotics
    Topical antibiotics are capable of killing bacteria on the skin that can infect clogged hair follicles. The drug is available in liquid or gel form. Topical antibiotics are commonly used once or twice a day. Usually this treatment is done for 6-8 weeks. After this period, the use of this drug should be stopped so that the bacteria on the face do not turn into immune to this drug so that the infection can increase or the acne gets worse.

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Use these medicines at the recommended dosage. Excessive use can cause skin irritation. Some of the side effects that arise from the use of acne medicines in it cause the sensation of itching, stinging, and heat on the skin. In addition, excessive use of the best over the counter acne medicine can cause the skin to become rough and dry, even redness and peeling.