Best Otc Acne Treatment

adsense-fallback – Those of you who have problems with acne will definitely seek out the best OTC acne treatment to prevent or treat acne. Various OTC products can be used as your acne treatment.




Active ingredients in OTC acne treatment

  • Benzoyl peroxide
    Benzoyl peroxide is a drug used to treat acne. The use of this drug is to kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, and help open the pores of closed skin. Almost all teens will get acne, usually the mild one and easily treated with benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide can also be combined with other acne medications. This drug will reduce the amount of acne caused by bacteria and make the skin dry until finally peeling. The common dose of benzoyl peroxide is to be applied once or twice a day for several weeks. Doses can be altered according to skin and acne response to medications.
    There are many types of benzoyl peroxide that can be bought free, but there is also a need for a doctor’s prescription. Some benzoyl peroxide products need to be shaken before use, read the packaging to make sure. After the acne disappears, acne can reappear if treatment is stopped. You may need to continue daily treatment. You can use a benzoyl peroxide type that is not too strong to be used every day for treatment. One’s skin reaction to a drug is different. There are some potentially common side effects, such as dry skin, irritation, skin peeling, burning sensation of the skin, and reddened skin. If the side effects are prolonged or you have an allergic reaction, see your doctor immediately or go to the nearest hospital.

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  • Salicylic Acid
    Salicylic Acid is one of the chemicals made from complex carbohydrates in the tree of Dalu. The origin of the name of this substance itself, taken from the latin name of the tree dedalu, namely Salix. Usually, this substance is often found in aspirin as a pain reliever. However, this content is also often used in facial soap for acne prone skin because it can help improve cell regeneration of the skin.
    Anti-inflammatory content in Salicylic Acid believed to relieve inflammation that occurs when acne appears. In addition, Salicylic Acid can also remove dirt clogging pores that can cause blackheads and reduce acne-causing bacteria. That is why this content is often used as one of the main ingredients on face washing soap.
  • AHA
    AHA compounds act as an exfoliant (peeling) that can lift dead skin cells and cells in the facial skin that experience hyper pigmentation, precisely in the upper skin epidermis layer. By peeling off dead skin cells, it will help accelerate the regeneration of skin cells on the face due to acne so that the skin will be brighter and fresh.

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How to choose

You cannot indiscriminately choose OTC acne treatment. You should consider some things like brand, ingredients, and skin type. If you choose a product that does not fit your skin then most likely the product will actually aggravate your acne. Consult a dermatologist so you can get the best OTC acne treatment.