Boobs After Breastfeeding

adsense-fallback – Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience and one the most wonderful part of motherhood, but sadly some mothers are afraid of breastfeeding because they do not want to have saggy boobs after breastfeeding. Even though breastfeeding brings a lot of benefits to your baby, it can damage your boobs. This is because during pregnancy, the boobs increases in size and is swollen with milk for many months, which leads to dropping and volume loss of the boobs. Most of the mothers who breastfeed notice that it causes their boobs to sag and the change makes them unhappy. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent boobs from sagging and make them look perky again after breastfeeding.

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Understanding the Reasons Behind Saggy Boobs After Breastfeeding

There are a lot of reasons as to why boobs become saggy after breastfeeding. Most mothers blame it solely on breastfeeding. However, it actually starts with pregnancy. The ligament that connect the chest to the muscle and gives it support, or what is also known as the Cooper’s ligaments, are stretched during pregnancy together with the skin. This is a direct consequence of the enlargement of bust size that women experience when they are pregnant. The increase in size is how the body prepares for breastfeeding and can lead to drooping of the boobs due to the extra tension that the ligaments endure. As time goes, the Cooper’s ligaments becomes less and less elastic until it’s no longer firm. To give a clearer picture, you can imagine elastic bands that are worn out.

Once the mother starts breastfeeding, the boobs are once again affected because of the growth of milk ducts and its filling with milk, which leads to additional stretching. Age is also a factor, as women in their late thirties have skin which loses elasticity quicker and this of course affects their boobs as well. Additionally, consumption of alcohol, nicotine, carbonated beverages and  even smoking weed  could weakening of cellular structure of the skin and premature aging.

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Saving Your Boobs From Sagging

Wearing a good bra that is supportive will keep the boobs perky for breastfeeding mothers. The principle behind this method is combatting gravity. The growth in size and increase in the weight of your boobs are inevitable but ensuring that the boobs are provided with constant support will save it from unnecessary stretching of the Cooper’s ligaments. If you are fully committed to this, you will wear a bra even during your sleep.

Maintaining a good posture during breastfeeding is also important. Avoid from leaning to your baby when you are nursing. You may not even realize your posture during breastfeeding, but in order to save your boobs from sagging you must be more aware. Do not slouch, and do not angle your boobs down in order for it to reach your baby. Improving posture during breastfeeding will keep the boobs from drooping.

Other than that, make sure to start exercising as soon as your doctor tells you that you can. It will help you lose the weight you gained during pregnancy, and thus prevent saggy boobs after breastfeeding which is also affected by weight gain.