Does Caffeine Cause Acne


The Scourge of Caffeine: Does Caffeine Cause Acne?
GoodHealthGuide – A lot of people, maybe including you, may wonder does caffeine cause acne. There are rumors and issues that consuming too much coffee or caffeine may encourage the growth of hormone, which can cause acne. Because caffeine plays with your hormones, pretty badly, you can expect to have another side effect such as stress and a change in sleep patterns.

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Caffeine can AND will reduce your ability to cope with stress

It is proved that caffeine will increase the production of cortisol, which causing you to have lower ability in coping with stress. The high amount of cortisol hormone in your body may lead to the appearance of acne. But, some people who tend to feel insecure, stressed out, and anxious, even without consuming caffeine they are likely to have acne since the cortisol in their body is quite high. The exposure to stress may lead you to unhealthy habit. Of course, having an acne or two is only a minor side effect caused by your stress. Extreme stress will give you a very bad life, so maybe, if you are sensitive with coffee, you should avoid it.


Caffeine, albeit some may say that it is only a suggestion, can mess up your sleeping time

An instant boost of cortisol, a hormone that plays part in maintaining your energy, will absolutely mess up your sleeping pattern. It is a common knowledge that a cup of coffee will give you some energy and suppress the sleep hormones. Caffeine will block the adenosine hormones, which is produced when you feel sleepy and you want to sleep so badly. The adenosine usually accumulates through your waking hour. The consumption of caffeine will temporarily block the production, giving you more time to feel energized and delay your sleepiness. As we all know, a bad and inconsistent sleeping pattern will lead you to more acne-filled face, so sleep well and sleep tight, fellows.

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Some caffeine will fight acne

There is an interesting fact that a different sources of caffeine will produce a different effect to your body. While coffee is considered bad for you since it has more chemicals contained in one glass, there are some other sources such as tea, energy drink, and caffeine pills. Of course, every one of them has a different effect, especially towards the acne. It is quite surprising that a well-produced coffee will feed your acne, especially if you consume it too much or addicted to it. The caffeine pills are quite evil since it is pure and doesn’t have any additional substances aside from caffeine. Also, energy drinks such as “Monster Energy” will likely increase the chance of having an acne since it has a high amount of caffeine. The only good source of caffeine comes from tea, which contains a lot of good substances and antioxidants. It will help you to fight acne if you consume it regularly.

Those are all the things you know about caffeine and acne. Basically, caffeine will play with your hormone. It will make your sleep pattern bad since the abundance of chemicals contained in a cup of coffee is quite bad if consumed regularly on a wrong time. Does caffeine cause acne? It does, but some other sources may help you fight acne, like tea.