Can You Get Chlamydia From Kissing

adsense-fallback – A lot of people often ask “can you get chlamydia from kissing?”. The fear of getting chlamydia happens to everyone since this STD can affect both men and women and can cause complications. Even though the STD is treatable, serious complications are still possible if the STD is not treated well and the patients don’t understand the symptoms.

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The short answer to the question of “can you get chlamydia from kissing?” is no. Getting chlamydia from kissing is only a misconception because the major way to get this disease is by having unprotected sex with a partner infected by chlamydia. Below, you can read the further information about chlamydia, especially how it is transmitted, not by kissing, obviously.


Activities That Do Not Cause Chlamydia

Intimate activities such as kissing, sharing drinking glasses, an hugging do not cause chlamydia. The STD will not get transmitted by exchanging saliva during kissing and sharing drinking glasses. The STD is not going to get transmitted as well by the touch of skin during hugging. That is why if many people think that kissing can transmit chlamydia, it is totally wrong. However, even though kissing does not spread chlamydia, it can cause common cold and viral infections. Kissing also spreads influenza, hepatitis B, and tooth decay.


How Chlamydia is Transmitted

Now it is obvious that you cannot transmit chlamydia through activities such as kissing, hugging, and sharing drinking glasses. However, you can undoubtedly spread chlamydia:

  1. Through Unprotected Sex
    Having unprotected sex with infected partner is definitely the major way to transmit the STD. Vaginal sex has the biggest possibility of spreading the disease to the uninfected partner. If you have sex with someone who has chlamydia and it is a vaginal sex, there is above 70% chance that you will get the STD as well. Beside vaginal sex, having oral and anal sex with someone who has the STD is also going to spread the STD, quite easily. If the infected one is the male partner, the STD is still going to spread to the other partner even though he does not ejaculate.
  2. Through Childbirth
    If you are infected with chlamydia and you are pregnant, the possibility of the baby having the STD is big. The possibility will get even bigger when you have the baby through vaginal childbirth which means that the baby has direct contact with the infected part of your body. That is why a pregnant woman with chlamydia is a serious case and must get medical help throughout the pregnancy.

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How to Prevent Chlamydia?

One of the best things that you can do to prevent the STD from spreading is to have protected sex all the time. Using protections, in this case condoms, is great not only to prevent pregnancy but also to prevent the disease from spreading like wildfire. However, if you find out that your partner has STD, it is better to contact a doctor first to get the solution because protections make you safer from STD but does not eliminate the chance of you getting the STD 100%.

Now that you know the answer to the question of can you get chlamydia from kissing? you can be more careful in dealing with your sexual activity. In order to prevent chlamydia and other STDs, you really need to be conscious of everything related to your sexual activity.