Causes of Cystic Acne

adsense-fallback – Looking for the cause of cystic acne? I do not know why would you search something like that, but I could not let a curious soul left in the dark, no? I like it when I get the chance to share my knowledge with you, and I certainly would be happy when someone is getting smarter.

Before we go any further, I would like to tell you about cystic acne. If you have not seen a cystic acne before (and you have not searched for it on the internet because you want to save yourself the disgusting picture), then imagine an ordinary acne but much bigger, much red-er, and much deadlier with cyst inside. Disgusted? I sure am.

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So, without further ado on the incessant pit-a-pat, let us start with today’s topic: what is the cause of cystic acne?



I am not kidding when I say genetic. Genetic plays a big part in causing cystic acne for you. If one or both of your parents got cystic acne, then there is a big chance that you will also develop cystic acne. I am sure some of you would think that it is not fair (we could not choose from whose womb we want to be born from, right?), but life is never fair. You just have to get good.



We often develop cystic acne (for those whose cystic acne is not genetic) in our teenage years (although babies and elders could also have cystic acne. Do not ever think that you are safe, babies and old people). What is the most ‘explosive’ thing when we took the first step to the teen age? You got it right, buddy: hormones.When we are but a teenage, our hormones explode. Changes will took place in our body. The men would develop body hair, the ladies would develop breasts and large hips, and the genderless would develop a thought that they have no gender (not kidding. We often found our true selves when we are teenager. I hope this cause no offense to the non-binaries out there). Hormones are our train in a moment of transition, and we start to see that the world is larger than the toys in our toy box.

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Unfortunately, there is one particular hormone that is a bit disturbing: the androgen (aptly named from a Greek word). This hormone, although beneficial, could also cause cystic acne. Androgen can help the males develop their sexual organs. Without androgen, your body would not be able to produce sperm (I hope this article would not turn sexual. I am talking about science at the moment) and the males would not be able to reproduce. With androgen too, you would develop cystic acne. Why? Because when androgen explode, your skin will tighten. Tight skin means clogged pores. Clogged pores means acne. Acne is painful, especially the cystic one. But do not worry. When we have passed our teenage years, the androgen level in our body will drop (I have not the chance to say it before, but males are more susceptible to cystic acne. So, good luck males out there).

That is about all the little things you need to know on the cause of cystic acne.