What Causes Adult Acne


What Causes Adult Acne Which Makes You Know How to handle it

Are you feeling kind of confused that if now you are having a problem on acne but you realize that you are not a teenager anymore? Yeah, you need to know that you will have the more extra effort than teenager.

Because if you are an adult but you still have acne, it is not a cause from puberty, it causes from your genetic or your hormone, that is why you need to dig deeper about what causes adult acne. Now, if you are already on this problem, the only thing that you have to do now is finding the best treatment as good as you can to remove acne off your face.

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The best thing that you can do now before you are searching an finding the best treatment for your acne that by decreasing the possibility of the acne before it spreads bigger and before it is expanding. The selection of your food is having an important role, because every good nutrition and have an enough protein which contains in your food that is consumed by you is very good to support the removing acne. Do not over eat an egg in a day, because too much protein without the balance from other vitamins can cause you to have more acne.


Three Causes of Adult Acne

Do not be confused and panic about why in your adult age right now that you are still having a problem about acne, it is not because you are unlucky person, but there are some particular reasons why you are still having this problem, there are 3 causes adult acne. The first one is hormone problem, this one is cannot be denied, because you get it from the first time you are born to this world, the only thing that you can do is doing an effort to make less of acne on your face. Good luck. Then, the second one is stress, when the time you are feeling stressed and being in an under pressure, it can be the trigger to increase the possibility for you to get acne, so that avoid to get stressed. The last one is , if you are going out to anywhere, you may need to wear a face cover to avoid the pollution, because it is one of the reason why you are still having acne.

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What Causes Adult Acne and the Treatment

In the last paragraph here, we are going to talk further about how to handle adult acne, what causes adult acne and treatment are important to be learned because it is able to help you in finding what causes adult acne. The treatment is very easy actually, because the reasons why adult get acne on their faces, just because the external factors, although there is hormone as the first reason. Aside from that, you could also try to reduce the possibility in having acne on your adult age right now, by wearing face cover to avoid the pollution, do not get stressed and be calm because it can trigger the acne out onto your face.