What Causes High Cholesterol


Simply Factors Causes High Cholesterol

GoodHealthGuide – Some of people always ask about what causes high cholesterol? How is it happened? Then, they are often worry whether their food contains substances which make higher cholesterol or not. I think you are so curious about kind of these causes. Even though you look healthy outside, it doesn’t mean you are healthy inside. Here, I will tell you about the causes of high cholesterol.

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Internal Causes of High Cholesterol

There are some internal factors that can cause high cholesterol. Most of people guess that high cholesterol is caused by heredity, but the age and disease also affect to high cholesterol.

Heredity can be the main cause of high cholesterol. If your parent ever got high cholesterol or it is usually called hypercholesterolemia familial, then you has a big risk infected this cholesterol disease. This disease genetically happens without any other causes.

The old woman above 40 has a big risk to get high cholesterol. The woman who has menopause can get high cholesterol easily. Then, the cholesterol of a man around 50 years old can increase rapidly. These are the reason why the age has an effect to cholesterol.

Many people don’t understand how some diseases can give a big effect to your cholesterol. Some people who get infected diseases such as: liver, diabetes mellitus, hypertension usually have higher cholesterol level than healthy people. Those diseases give a big effect to your body and surely change your cholesterol level.

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External causes of high cholesterol

Not only genetic, age and diseases that give the big change to our cholesterol level, but some external causes we discuss below also gives the influence too.

Unhealthy food influences to our cholesterol level. If we eat food with a lot of fiber will reduce your cholesterol level, but if you eat food contains a lot of saturated fat will increase or make your cholesterol higher. Some oily foods contains a lot of fat which is not useful for your body and can increase your cholesterol level. Then, if you drink too much coke, it also make higher cholesterol.

The one who is overweight has a big risk getting higher cholesterol. This person has fewer good cholesterol than bad cholesterol. The obesity people save a lot of cholesterol and saturated fat in their blood. They will be infected high cholesterol easily.
Don’t be worried if you like to do physical exercises. People who are often doing exercises only has a few risk getting cholesterol disease. The saturated fat is burned when you do a lot of exercise. Then, your cholesterol will be higher if you never do an exercise, because the fat is going to increase all the time.

Smoking really influences the cholesterol level. It can increase your cholesterol and reduce the good cholesterol that is important for your body. The substances from the cigarette are very dangerous and make your blood vessels narrow.
These are some causes of high cholesterol. It is important to avoid things that can cause your cholesterol higher. What causes high cholesterol can be from the external and internal factors.