Chlamydia Symptoms Men


Early detection of Chlamydia symptoms men – Chlamydia symptoms men result in pain and very unpleasant feelings. Chlamydia is one the wide-spread sexual infection. The Chlamydia trachomatous bacteria is the cause the disease. Huge number of infected-people make it becomes one of the widest known STI. Recent studies show that over a million of men are infected without showing any symptoms.

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Chlamydia is not difficult to be cured but it is difficult to be known without medical test. Some signs will not be shown on men. Women often do not show the symptoms of the disease. It eases the spread of the STI. The “hidden” symptoms take the STI to be transmitted massively fast. Some cases show that men also “hide” their Chlamydia symptoms. Some men show modified symptom that make them to have another disease than the Chlamydia. The modification is caused by untreated symptoms and the immunity of the men.



Identifications of Chlamydia

It is easy for some men to find whether they are infected by Chlamydia or not. Many men with this disease will produce stinky white fluid from their tip of the penises. Some other will feel extraordinary pain during their urinations. The genital will also show color changing; it turns into red. Men who do anal will find blood or fluids on their rectums. It also comes with burning sense on the rectums. Oral sex may transmit Chlamydia that will cause the throat turns into red. The symptoms will be shown few weeks after the infection.

The untreated Chlamydia will cause chronic inflammation. The inflammation will cause epididymis.
Epididymitis can cause fever and swelling and mild to severe pain in the scrotum. The longer the infection is not treated, the greater the opportunity of infertility. Chlamydia infection is the most common cause of epididymitis in men under the age of 35.

If Chlamydia in men is untreated, it will cause Reiter syndrome. Reiter syndrome affects to knees, legs and hands. Reiter syndrome also includes a small rash, a hard lump on the sole of the foot or the palm of the hand, or a small, painless wound to the penis. Chlamydia may cause prostate gland inflammation and some cardiovascular problems in some men.

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Chlamydia Treatment

Chlamydia is a dangerous infection. Many men are shame to do medical check about it. One thing they do not realize is the longer the illness the greater chance for them to get worse or to spread the disease to their mate or others.

As any sexual infection, safe sex is the most effective way to prevent Chlamydia. Sex with one single partner free from Chlamydia will lead to healthy sex life. Contraception such as condom may reduce the risk of the infection; even it is not 100 percent guarantee that you will safe from Chlamydia. Early diagnosis of any strange conditions and regular medical checkup also become an important thing to do to keep you safe from the disease or any health problems. Men that are diagnosed with Chlamydia will take antibiotic or other medical treatments from doctor to cure the Chlamydia symptoms men.