Is Coconut Oil Good For Acne


Containing Acne-fight Against, Is Coconut Oil Good for Acne? – Is coconut oil good for acne perhaps a question which directly appear in people’s mind when being ask about the relation of coconut oil and acne. Acne has become common skin problem which not only affect teenagers but also adults in different ranges of ages. Although this problem can go as the level of hormones become more neutral, acne still becomes an annoying thing especially when it turns to be really painful or leave stubborn marks on the skin face.

This problem might disappear naturally in some people but some others need to spend much time to get rid of it. However, this problem actually can be treated using coconut oil which is known to be a natural yet effective treatment to fight acne symptoms. Some specialists recommend people with acne to avoid oily products but it can be different when it comes to coconut oil.

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The contribution of coconut oil as acne treatment

Coconut oil contains powerful natural agents that help to affect both the symptoms as well as the factors which cause acne. Important fatty acids which are known to be the best antimicrobial agents can be found in the coconut oil. Capric acid and Lauric acid in this oil are similar to the ones contained in breast milk which its function is protect the baby from any infection. When it is applied on skin, those agents will help substituting the skin’s acid layer which might already vanished due to continuous washing. Although this skin protection also can be obtained when you consume coconut oil but direct application on skin is more suggested.

Is coconut oil good for acne also can be answered with its high source of vitamin E. Besides making the skin remains in good condition, it also promotes proper functions of sebum glands and unclog the blockage. It actually treat the actual causes of acne not just any behaviour which trigger its appearance. It is also effective to regulate hormone since it can lower the hormones fluctuations that leads to excessive production of sebum.

Coconut oil is known with its anti-inflammatory agents as well. Thus, it has ability to soothe the skin and reduce the inflammation quickly when applied on the skin. The direct application of coconut oil on the skin also can cure open wounds on skin even from the bad acne. It helps improving metabolism rate which affect on normal secretion and hormonal balance so that it reduces the chance of acne formation on skin.

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Coconut oil options for acne treatment

If you want to use coconut oil as acne treatment, you have to select the ones that come with great quality. You need to avoid unrefined or crude type of coconut oil because it is less trustable in term of hygiene. It also might contain particles that have possibility to clog the sebum glands and lead to acne appearance. Make sure you only choose the refined oil. The perfect option for this is actually virgin coconut oil. Although it is more costly, you can get proof about is coconut oil good for acne.