What Is Considered High Cholesterol


What is Considered High Cholesterol? Know These Facts

GoodHealthGuide.org – High cholesterol is the condition when the cholesterol is too much inside the blood vessel more than our body needs, but what is considered high cholesterol? As the thickening of the lipid layer that produced by the LDL, the lipid blocks the artery and builds a plaque.

This plaque disturbs the bloodstream towards our brain and heart by hardening the artery. It is very dangerous to know that it may cause some deadly diseases like heart attack and stroke or even worse the other diseases that will distress your life.

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How Much Cholesterol is it?

The number of total cholesterol that our body needs is less than 200 mg/dL and you should be worried if the amount is reaching 240 mg/dL or above. To know how much is your cholesterol level is by checking it medically in a test called lipoprotein panel. From the age of 20, everyone should have checked their cholesterol level regularly at least once every five years. The total cholesterol is the total amount of the good (LDL) and the bad (HDL) cholesterol. The Low-Density Lipoprotein is the main cholesterol that blockage the artery, but the Low-Density Lipoprotein helps remove cholesterol inside the artery. To be considered as protective against heart disease, the HDL level must be 60 mg/dL or higher. It’s very risky if the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL) is 190 mg/dL and above.

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How does It Feel High Cholesterol?

High cholesterol brings the effect directly to the bloodstream system. As the cholesterol blockage the artery, the bloodstream to heart will be disturbed or even blocked. It is because the artery carries the blood to the heart and if the cholesterol blocked it, the blood will not flow smoothly. Before it’s getting worse in such of disease like heart attack and stroke, there are some sickness in several body parts. It can’t be separated from the blood circulation system. And so the sicknesses are neck pain, headache, chest pain, bloody stools, jaw pain, and numbness in leg. The development of the plaque that produced by the high amount of bad cholesterol distracts the move of the blood to these areas.


High Cholesterol Also Affects Your Digestive System

A bile imbalance that is created by high level cholesterol is referred to gallstone. National Digestive Disease Information Clearinghouse said that more than eighty percent of gallstones are made from cholesterol stone. The plaque that formed by the cholesterol in the artery also blockage the bloodstream in the digestive system. It automatically distracts the flow to the kidney and stomach.

The presence of bad cholesterol can be controlled by controlling the food consumption or do a diet. It is preferable to prevent it than taking a medical treatment. Or you can start to do the healthy things than taking some medicine. Besides changing the way of life which is more effective and safe, you can control your cholesterol level by checking it up regularly. And you can start to aware yourself by knowing what Is considered high cholesterol.