Cramping During Early Pregnancy


All about Cramping

GoodHealthGuide – Pregnancy is the best thing that is experienced by most of women in the world. They always feel proud, happy, excited to know about their pregnancy. However, sometimes, the pregnant mother suffers unordinary thing which is never happened before. And, it is called cramping. Not all of pregnant mothers get cramping during early pregnancy and the level of their cramping is also different. Some of them never get cramping at all, some others gets common cramping, and others has extraordinary cramping level.

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Kinds of cramping

People who pregnant gets morning sickness like nausea and vomit during the beginning of their pregnancy. But, some of them have a willingness to do something or maybe a refusal to do something.

There are some kinds of unique willingness that pregnant mothers do. I believe that you know about the condition if someone wants to eat some kinds of food, special food or beverages. But, less of you don’t know about other kinds of willingness, such as: willingness to do strange or ridiculous things, willingness to meet famous people and willingness to watch something unordinary. It is so fun knowing my friend wants to eat mango but she has to pick the tango from tree by herself. There is someone who wants to walk around the field in the midnight. Then, some of pregnant mother really wants to meet her idol, like a famous singer or entertainer. Some of them also wants to watch the performance that they never know before. This is an amazing thing that you can see from cramping. Moreover, they believed that they have to fulfill those willingness, because they think there will be bad things happened when it doesn’t be followed.

In opposite, there are also some kinds of ridiculous refusal that pregnant mothers do. Most of them refuse to smell some fragrances, such as smell of garlic, egg and sweaty. They often vomit and nausea as the sign of refusal. They like to pick a nose when passing some restaurants. The weird things that I ever know about cramping is refuse to see someone or some food, refuse to eat something. They don’t want to see someone that they hate or love. They often refuse to eat their favorite foods which they like before pregnancy.

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Cramping levels

There are some kinds of cramping that will be very dangerous for a pregnant mother. In the low level, they do not feel anything during the early pregnancy. Then, a pregnant mother feels nausea and vomit every morning as the middle level for pregnancy. Next, the highest level or the dangerous one is the morning sickness that happened whole day. They feel nausea and vomit every day until lose their body fluid. Then, they have to be hospitalized for getting additional fluid. Some of them also don’t want to eat anything or only eat one kind of snack every day. They lose their weight and have no nutrition from food. This condition is very dangerous for mother and the baby inside. So, it is better to ignore the highest level of cramping during early pregnancy which hurt your body.