Is Diarrhea A Sign Of Pregnancy


The other side of pregnancy: Is diarrhea a sign of pregnancy?

GoodHealthGuide.orgIs diarrhea a sign of pregnancy is a common question asked by women who suffer from stomach problem during their pregnancy. Of course, there are a lot of symptoms that determine whether you are pregnant or no. But diarrhea is quite uncommon to be categorized as a sign of pregnancy. So, here are some hints for you to know whether diarrhea is connected to pregnancy or no.

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What can cause diarrhea when you are pregnant?

It is quite common that a pregnant woman will experience diarrhea during her pregnancy. If you put some logic to relate these two, both can be quite related. When you know you are pregnant, a sudden changes in your diet and food to ensure your baby’s needed nutrients may cause an upset stomach or diarrhea. Also, there is a possibility that a pregnant woman suffered from diarrhea because she is sensitive to a certain type of foods. Pregnancy can make the food you love into a food that you should avoid because it can cause diarrhea or upset stomach.

Hormonal change is also possible to be the culprit behind your diarrhea. The change may cause your digestive process to slow down and may lead into a diarrhea. All of pregnant women will experience hormonal change, but only some of the, suffer from diarrhea during their early stage of pregnancy. Bacterial or viral infection can be the cause of diarrhea, so always check to the doctor for clearer result.


There exists out there a thing called third semester diarrhea

Diarrhea on your third trimester of pregnancy is a common thing and a lot of women experience diarrhea during that time. It can occur just before the labor or a couple weeks before labor and act as a sign that labor is near. A premature birth should be expected if you experience diarrhea several weeks before the due date. Diarrhea on your third trimester is not always a sign that labor is near, so you can relax a little bit. Diarrhea could be a way for woman’s body to be prepared for the upcoming labor. You should check if there are other labor signs or no.

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Can diarrhea in pregnancy be cured?

Diarrhea should be gone on its own after several days. The main point if you suffer from diarrhea is keep your body hydrated. Drinking a lot of water, juice, and broth to rehydrate your body and replace the lost body fluid is the right thing to do when diarrhea occurred. All of those drinks you consume will replace the lost substances such as body fluids, potassium levels, and sodium which are important to keep yourself hydrated. Counseling yourself to the nearest medical instances should be done immediately if the diarrhea isn’t clear up on its own.

So, it is obvious that diarrhea and pregnancy are related, but only the third semester diarrhea. You should pay attention if diarrhea occurred at that time because it is a sign that labor is near. If you suffer from diarrhea outside that time, the cause can’t be specified unless you know you are changing your lifestyle in some ways. Those are the answer for is diarrhea a sign of pregnancy.