Do Condoms Prevent STDs


GoodHealthGuide – Having safe sex is very important for making sure that people can keep their body healthy. There is no doubt that people safe sex will prevent the unwanted diseases which are transmitted sexually. In this circumstance, safe sex cannot be separated from the recommendation of wearing condoms and also other methods for preventing the sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. In fact, people need to learn more about the different way of STDs transmitted. The condoms physical properties must also be considered. There more aspects of condom which must be informed associated its function for not only preventing pregnancy but also STDs. It might be true that nowadays we can find the female condom but the condoms here are the male condoms which are made from vinyl or latex.

Protection from STDs

The main reason why people use the condoms is for preventing the pregnancy. However, we can make sure that it can also be useful for preventing various kinds of STDs if it is used correctly and consistently. It will be useful for keeping people safe from the HIV which can cause AIDS. It is pretty well known that people should wear condom if they do not want to transmit or get transmitted HIV. Wearing condoms will also be useful for reducing the risk of suffering from other STDs after all. When people are talking about STDs, it will include the genital ulcer disease as well as discharge. There is not research yet which can show people about the effectiveness of wearing condoms for preventing the infection of HPV. Nevertheless, using condom will be useful for lowering the cervical cancer rate. People must not forget that cervical cancer is kind of disease which is associated to HPV.


STD Transmission

Of course it will be so much better for people to understand about the way STDs are transmitted. The first one will be associated with the transmission of HIV and the discharge disease such as gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and also trichomoniasis. Those diseases will be transmitted if the infected vaginal fluids or semen contact the mucosal surfaces such as the vagina, cervix, or male urethra. There will be different circumstance which can be found with the genital ulcer disease such as chancroid, syphilis, as well as genital herpes. Those diseases and also human papillomavirus will be transmitted mainly through the contact with the infected mucosal surfaces or skin.

Condom Use

AIDS is kind of disease which cannot be cured yet and it is caused by HIV. Using latex condoms will be useful for preventing the HIV sexual transmission with effective way. It is not only useful in conclusive way but also in comprehensive way. The condoms use will also be useful for preventing discharge disease because it can be kind of barrier which is impermeable to the STD pathogens in particle size. Because of the importance of condom for preventing STDs, people need to make sure that they use the condoms correctly and properly. They also have to make sure that the condoms are still in good conditions to make sure that it can give proper protection.