How Early Can I Take A Pregnancy Test


How Early Can I Take A Pregnancy Test For An Accurate Result? – A lot of people asks the same question regarding pregnancy test, which is “How early can I take a pregnancy test?”. As we know, you will become pregnant when your egg cell is fertilized by the sperm of your partner. This cannot be known right away as pregnancy can only be known after you secrete the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone. HCG will be secreted after the fertilized egg cell attaches to the wall of the ovary, and this is when pregnancy can be detected by a pregnancy test.

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The Significance Of Pregnancy Test Device Sensitivity

To know whether or not you are pregnant yet, you can use a pregnancy test device to find out. How early you can find out that you are pregnant depends on the pregnancy test device that you use. All pregnancy test devices measure the amount of hCG hormone to show whether or not you are pregnant. Some devices are more sensitive than other. The more sensitive a device is, the abler it is to detect hCG hormone level which is still low during early pregnancy, maybe around two days after your egg cell is fertilized.

In order to choose a pregnancy test device based on its sensitivity, you must look at its packaging. The level of its sensitivity is written on the packaging with the units mIU/ml. In general, the sensitivity of a pregnancy test device ranges around 10 mIU/ml to 40 mIU/ml. The lower the value, the more sensitive the device is, which means the pregnancy can be detected earlier.

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The Types Of Pregnancy Test Devices

There are two types of pregnancy test devices, which are those that uses urine and those that uses blood. Both of them measures the level of hCG hormone in order to detect pregnancy. The ones that use urine in order to test pregnancy, or better known as test pack, can be easily done at home. All you have to do is to contain your urine, and the test pack will show a sign. Examples are changes in color, changes in lines, or a plus-minus symbol that shows whether or not you are pregnant. You can do this test during the first day or the tenth day that you are late on your period. Doing the test too early can show a negative result, even though you are actually pregnant. For a more accurate result, you may want to check after a few days that you feel you are late on your period.

In order to test pregnancy using blood, you must visit a doctor. The test is more effective and can be done earlier than the urine test because you can do the blood test six to eight days after ovulation where fertilization may happen during the last time you had sexual intercourse. However, the results take a longer time because a blood test must be examined in the laboratory. Knowing the answer to the question “How early can I take a pregnancy test?”, you can now make a better decision of which type of pregnancy test you want to use.