Epsom Salt For Acne


GoodHealthGuide –  The Salt-Cure: Epsom Salt and Acne
Lots of people are still divided between whether Epsom salt for acne is effective or not. Before we go any further into the topic, we have to know why Epsom salt is related to acne. There are a couple things you should know about Epsom salt. Here is the basic definition of Epsom salt and its effect towards acne.

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What you should know about Epsom salt

Epsom salt is different with your daily salt on the kitchen. While the kitchen or sea salt is made with sodium chloride, the Epsom salt is made with magnesium sulfate. The medicinal qualities of Epsom salt is somewhat greater because of this compared to the standard salt, especially for acne and skincare. The change of agricultural and food preference lead to less consumption of magnesium, and magnesium has a lot of good effect towards the human body. It encourages the production of enzymes so that the overall health of a person will be better. Epsom salt is one of the integrated magnesium created to enhance human’s health.


Does Epsom salt is a good remedy for acne?

Epsom salt has a lot of effect in terms of curing your acne. First it can reduce inflammation. Epsom salt contains anti-inflammatory substance, reducing the appearance of acne. Magnesium will encourage the enzymes on human’s body to maximize its anti-inflammatory substance. But, it should be put into a research so that this fact is proven and believed by many people.

The second is that Epsom salt has an effect to purge toxins. Toxins can be easily eliminated if our enzymes work well. The enzyme boosting abilities of Epsom salt, or rather, magnesium contained in it will help purge the body of toxins. Since acne is caused by bacteria, the Epsom salt may affect the acne production since it will encourage the enzymes to get rid of bacteria.

The third is magnesium contained in Epsom salt is proven to enhance the overall health of your skin and body. Magnesium deficiencies may lead to acne problem, lacing the nutrients needed to fight acne bacteria and also reduce the enzyme production to eliminate toxins.

The fourth is Epsom salt has the similar ability with sea salt to help to exfoliate dead skin cell and regenerate the skin layer. Dead skin is a comfortable place for acne bacteria and can cause skin breakouts. Less dead skin means less likely to have acne.

One thing you should know about Epsom salt is that Epsom salt is just like any other salts with regards to its osmosis property. Like any other salts out there, Epsom salt is pretty ‘dry’. It has little to no water contained in it, and did you know in what condition bacteria lived in? Bacteria will struggle to live in a place with no water, and more often than not, the cause of acne is bacteria. With Epsom salt, you isolate the bacteria, and you let the nasty thing left with no prosperity. A good bad bacteria is a dead bad bacteria.

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Epsom salt has a lot of advantages and benefits towards our body, especially in regard of skincare health. The magnesium contained in Epsom salt plays part to almost all skin problems like moisture, oil, and bacteria. If you have problem with your skin, especially acne, you can use Epsom salt for acne solution.