Facing Acne: Tips on How to Get Rid of Chin Acne


GoodHealthGuideHow to get rid of chin acne? That is now being a common question because many people are suffering from acne that appears on their chin. The acne is not only one but they bring the company so your chin will look like the basecamp of the acne army. Teenagers are the stage that will be haunted by the acne because that is when the hormone inside their body becomes active and play role in their life, in most cases.

Well, red chin with acne on it is kind of the challenging problem from time to time. It does not mean that you cannot cure it but before it is cured you should face your day with those lumpy red chin though. Besides, even though there are many products for treating acne for face, most of them would not work if you apply it on your chin.

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You can always count on the makeup to cover up your chin acne but it is not healthy. Sometimes, it even makes your acne becomes worse. For your information, the acne will go away if you follow the rule of healthy habits. So, in this article we are going to discuss about getting rid of acne on your chin.


Keep the minimum pressure around your chin

Too much pressure on your chin could lead to breakouts especially on the jawline. There are several kinds of acne that could create the breakouts on the edge on the chin. And the breakouts are commonly because of the trapped sweat from irritation of your skin and there is pressure on it.

In order to prevent that kind of thing, you have to reduce any pressure on your chin. And if there is activity that requires you to put pressure on it, it is recommended to immediately shower after you are done with the activity. Once you have done with cleansing your face, pat your skin surface until it is completely clean. You are supposed to scrub the acne though.

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No resting your face on your hand

Sometimes it feels good to rest your face on your hand. But the story could be different if you have chin acne. Your hands contain oil without you know it. By resting your chin on one side of your hand, the oil will be transferred to your face. This process also makes the dirt infect the skin over and over again. So, if you want to reduce the pain of acne on your face or simply get rid of it, it is better to avoid this pose.


Use sharp razor to shave

You should shave your chin in order to make the cleaning process becomes more easily. Besides, it makes the oil not trapped inside your beard. But you should use the sharp razor so you do not have to hurt your acne instead. Dull razor would lead to inflammation that makes you experiencing irritation and redness on your chin. So this is how to get rid of chin acne.