Fastest Way To Ged Rid Of Acne


Fastest Way to Ged Rid Of Acne on Your Face

GoodHealthGuide – fastest way to get rid of acne on your face is actually easy to find. All you have to do is go to the kitchen. You can find many things that you have never imagined before are able to make your face skin free from acne. Doctors say having acne is normal. Almost all people have experience to suffer from acne. Acne as we know is a kind of inflammation of the skin when the oil glands are infected by bacteria. Since it is usually filled with pus, acne is swollen. Yes, there are of course types of serious acne that needed serious ways to get rid of, but here we will only be talking about minor acne that can be handled by simple remedies. First of all, take a look at some other causes of how people get acne below.

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Various causes of acne:

• Hormonal Factor
• Allergic to some food or drinks
• Not enough cleanliness of hair
• Cigarettes and alcoholic drinks
• Being exposed to pollutants.
• Etc.

Let’s forget about the causes, we can now go to the fast remedies for acne we can find in our kitchen:

Things in the kitchen to get rid of Acne

1. Lemon
Who doesn’t like lemons, a kind of fruit that has so many advantages when consumed? Lemons are rich with Vitamin C. By drinking lemon juice you will make your acne go away fast. Be sure you don’t consume the one in bottles since it is usually mixed with chemicals or preservatives. Besides consuming lemon orally, you can apply mixed of cinnamon powder and drops of fresh lemon juice on your acne with soft cotton. Do it regularly before sleeping at night so you will be successful in getting rid of acne fast. The day after your face will be free from acne.

2. Garlic
Who doesn’t have garlic in their kitchen? There are many advantages we will get if we consume garlic. Not only it can make our food tasteful but also it can make the food healthy to consume. We can use garlic to get rid of acne since it contains of sulfur that promotes fast healing. Just take a clove of garlic and cut it into two pieces and rub them one by one onto the acne and let it be in several minutes. After that you can wash your face with warm water. It is suggested that you do it twice or three times a day.

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3. Ice Cubes
Drinking soft drinks with ice cubes once in awhile is nice, right? Who knows that ice cubes are also good to handle acne? Ice can reduce the inflammation, redness, and swelling of acne. It is with ice that we hold on our face that the oil and dirt accumulated in our skin can be removed easily. Ice also can help us tighten our skin pores and improve blood circulation of the skin around the acne. If you want to try to do it, just wrap some ice cubes with a clean towel and hold the towel with ice cubes on your face for several seconds. Repeat it several times until the ice cubes melted.
What do you think? Those three things in your kitchen can really help you out. Prove them. Give them a try. It is hoped that the article about fastest way to ged rid of acne can be beneficial to you.