Foods That Help Lower Cholesterol

adsense-fallback –  It is so great to understand foods that help lower cholesterol so we can keep our body healthy. Cholesterol is something that people often heard in their life. Most of them think that cholesterol is something terrible, bad and scared. And it is usually related to a kind of diseases. So many people try to search and find ways to reduce their cholesterol by doing some physical exercises, diets and avoiding some foods. It is better to know some kinds of foods that might increase cholesterol and reduce our cholesterol.


Foods that make higher Cholesterol

If you think about foods that help lower cholesterol, you need to avoid higher cholesterol foods. Fast food is one of foods that has very big effect to our cholesterol. It might be really dangerous for your body. Fried chicken, fries, chips and instant noodle are few examples of fast food. Then, why are they bad to our body? Those kinds of foods are not fresh and instant. They contain a lot of oil and saturated fat that make higher cholesterol. Fast food is also less nutrients and vitamins that might not really good to your body.


Not only fast foods that make higher cholesterol, but foods which are too sweet and salty also affect to your cholesterol. If you eat cookies, muffin, cake, instant juice and coke with saccharin can improve your cholesterol. Because they can increase your bad cholesterol that causes some disease.
Frozen foods like nugget, sausage, bacon contains high saturated fat that make your cholesterol higher. Then, lard and beef liver are also kinds of foods with higher bad cholesterol that should be reduced.

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Foods that help lower cholesterol

It is so awesome if we know healthy foods that good for our cholesterol, so we can avoid diseases that caused because of high cholesterol. There are billion foods that healthy and not increase bad cholesterol to your body. Actually those kinds of foods are not interesting at all, but you have to see the advantage to your body.

First, vegetables are super great to your body. They contain a lot of vitamins and minerals which are useful for your health. Then, you have to know kinds of fruit and vegetables that can reduce your bad cholesterol. Spinach, green bean and celery are good to reduce bad cholesterol. Spinach can save our heart and lose fat from your heart. It can make your cholesterol getting low. Green bean contains of unsaturated fat that is really good to make our cholesterol steady. Celery has high antioxidant that prevent heart disease and oxidation of bad cholesterol.

Grape, avocado, guava are kinds of fruit that can prevent higher cholesterol. Grape contains of flavonoid which reduces bad cholesterol. Avocado contains of unsaturated fat that increases good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol in our body. Guava is rich of lycopene which organizes the cholesterol production. We can eat those fruit or make juice to be consumed.

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Fishes and beef are also not bad to be consumed in avoiding bad cholesterol. They rich of substance that help to reduce bad cholesterol. If we steam, boil or grill fishes before consumed, it can reduce the oil that causes higher cholesterol. Grilled beef is one of foods that help lower cholesterol because lack of oil and it is delicious to be consumed.