How to Get Rid of Shoulder Acne


Treating Shoulder Acne: How to Get Rid of Shoulder Acne – How to get rid of shoulder acne? Well, there are several ways you should try in order to remove those blatant intruder from your skin. I would say that treating the shoulder acne is not as easy as the acne on the other part of your body. It will not work well if you treat them with the mild to moderate medication. We call it as the acne vulgaris which should be treated seriously.

You should watch out because the acne mechanica could happen on the shoulder especially if your cloth is too tight or you do not take shower even though the sweat are on your back. Well, the breakouts could happen as well due to the steroid acne after the injections of steroid. Certain medications could be the reason of this acne, include the medication you use to treat acne on your face.

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You basically can treat the acne on your shoulder with several ways such as:
• Take bath after doing such activities that produce sweat
• Exfoliating your skin by using the shower mitt
• Using the body wash that has ability to fight the acne anytime you can
• Avoiding anything that could make additional irritation on your skin


Medications to treat shoulder acne

Medications are just the additional thing. Your acne on the shoulder and back would not go away easily if you keep the things that hurt your body and be the cause of the acne. It is important to find out what kind of acne you have on your back and shoulder. If the main issue is acne mechanica then you need to stop wearing any tight thing on your body because it makes the case worse. And if you are experiencing the steroid acne then you have to stop treating it with the injections of steroid instead.

The most common medications are anything you put on your face but it is better to see the doctor. The medications are such as tea tree oil, antibiotics, topical tretinoin, skin peels, exfoliants, moisturizers, cleansers, Differin, Tazorac, Accutane, and many more. Still, it gives little effect for acne on your shoulder and back.

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Acne Mechanica

Well, if the issue is the acne mechanica then you do not have to go to the doctor. Other than that, this type of acne is the most common cause of shoulder and back acne. So, here are the things that you should do in order to treat this condition.

  • Take shower after doing any activity that produces sweat. You do not want to introduce oil with sweat on your back, do not you?
  • Shower mitt can be used for exfoliating your skin especially shoulder skin while you are showering. But remember that you cannot rub it too hard.
  • Body wash with ability to fight the acne is highly recommended. But you are not supposed to apply it on your face though.
  • Do not use anything that could hurt your acne more. Detergent, alcohol, abrasive soaps, and anything like that would not help you in how to get rid of shoulder acne.