Hdl Cholesterol Range


GoodHealthGuide.org –  Before learning about the normal high-density lipoprotein or HDL cholesterol range, you should know that the higher level of HDL in your body, the better it is for your health. This is because HDL can fight against low-density lipoprotein or LDL that is harmful towards your health.

Sadly, increasing amounts of HDL in the body is not an easy task to do. Optimal efforts are required for a person to increase their HDL levels. Sometimes, even though the effort to increase HDL levels already maximum, the HDL levels still does not show a significant increase. The best solution to maintain health is to suppress cholesterol levels in the body. Of course, the attempt has to be balanced with various activities that may increase HDL levels.

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Normal HDL Cholesterol Range

The normal total cholesterol level is anything below 200mg/dL. Normal levels of LDL is anything below 130 mg/dL. If you do a test of lipid profile levels and it shows that you exceed the normal levels, then you must immediately follow a strict diet, watch your food intake, exercise regularly, and leave any smoking habits you may have as well as environments filled with smokers.

The normal HDL level that is considered good for health is anything above 60mg/dL. The lower the levels of HDL in the body, the more likely it is for the body to be affected by diseases that are caused by LDL, such as coronary heart disease. Oppositely, higher amounts of HDL is better for the body. Because increasing levels of HDL is not easy, you should instead work to suppress the amount of cholesterol in your body. A well-planned diet can suppress cholesterol levels in your blood.

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How To Follow A Low Cholesterol Diet

There are various sources of carbohydrates, which is really important for the body because it is the main source of energy. Without enough consumption of carbohydrate, the performance of the body will be disturbed because it does not have enough energy. For daily carbohydrate consumption, it is recommended to consume grains, seeds, and food that contains fiber. Avoid consuming foods that are derived from sweet potatoes and flour.

You should also limit consumption of red meat if you desire to lower levels of LDL. Replace red meat with white meat instead. White meat includes chicken meat, duck meat, fish, as well as rabbit meat. Even though white meat can be a replacement for red meat, you should consume it within normal amounts. Other than that, if you are a fan of eggs, then consume only the egg whites. Egg yolk contains high amounts of saturated fat and can potentially increase the total amount of cholesterol in your body.

There are still a lot that you have to avoid when following a low cholesterol diet. This includes watching what you drink as well. If you follow the low cholesterol diet well, you can decrease the levels of cholesterol in your body which leads to an increase in HDL levels. High HDL levels or levels that belong to the normal HDL cholesterol range will be beneficial for your health.