At home Chlamydia Test


Impossible At Home Chlamydia Test – At home Chlamydia test is impossible to do. Why? It is not flu that everyone already know the signs and symptoms. People with Chlamydia often have no symptoms at all, making it difficult to detect. If a person has symptoms, symptoms usually begin within one to three weeks after sexual contact with someone who carries germs.

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Chlamydia infection is the most common sexually transmitted infection in developed countries. Chlamydia mainly infects the genitals, but it also infects the conjunctiva, pharynx, urethra, and rectum. The second form of Chlamydia causes trachoma (trachoma), which is the most common cause of preventable blindness. This type is transmitted by direct contact of the newborn with the mother’s cervix during delivery or through direct contact with the genitals during sexual activity. Chlamydia can be found in pelvic inflammatory disease, especially among young people. Most women have asymptomatic Chlamydia.


Chlamydia test

The Chlamydia test is used to locate Chlamydia pathogens in the body and determine the exact cause of the disease. There are various pathogens of Chlamydia in the human body.

Chlamydia can be diagnosed in an easy and painless way, using a cotton bud swab or through a urine sample test.
Thin swabs are inserted into the tip of the penis to obtain a sample from the urine or urethral drain. As for female patients, the swabs are used on the inside of the lower vagina or cervix. Swabs can be used to collect fluid samples from the eyelids if your eyes are inflamed due to Chlamydia infection. In addition, swabs can also be used to take samples from the throat or anus if the patient has oral or anal sex.

During the test, the doctor will take samples of urine or fluid from other parts. Generally, the sampling will depend on the position of the infection. If you use a urine sample, you should not urinate for 2 hours before the test. If you take a sample of the cervix, you should not place the pill or gel on the cervix for 24 hours before the test.

The test should be performed again after three months to make sure the Chlamydia infection is completely gone. Chlamydia is cannot be detected by blood or pap smear tests. You cannot do the test yourself at home. Tests should be performed by a specialist and use specialized tools that are not necessarily sold freely.

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What to do after a Chlamydia test

If your doctor suspects that you are infected with Chlamydia, you should not have sex until the examination and get the final conclusions. If the results show that you are infected, your doctor will treat you with antibiotics, and you should not have sexual intercourse for 7 days of treatment, and your partner should also get treatment because there is a possibility that your partner is infected as well.

If you are infected with Chlamydia, there is a tendency for you to become infected with other sexually transmitted diseases, so your doctor will recommend taking screening tests for sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, and HIV. If you have any questions related to this test process, consult your doctor for a better understanding. This test is obviously not a at home Chlamydia test.