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Test Your Pregnancy Using Home Pregnancy Test DIY

GoodHealthGuide.org – Did you know that you can test whether or not you are pregnant using home pregnancy test DIY? As we know, one of the signs that can be a benchmark of pregnancy is getting your period late. Women who experience lateness in their period will usually undergo a pregnancy test using a test pack that they can find in the nearest apothecary. However, you can actually make your own pregnancy test at home. This means that you can find out whether or not you are pregnant without the use of a test pack.

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Items You Can Use For Natural Pregnancy Test

Basically, the pregnancy test that you will make by yourself still tests the level of pregnancy hormone in your urine. Therefore, your urine will still be really needed in order to perform the test. When successful fertilization occurs, one of the body’s responses is to increase the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone is naturally secreted by the body when your ovary is preparing for pregnancy. Usually, this hormone will be detected in the urine around ten to fourteen days after your late period. Additionally, the urine that contains quite a high amount of hCG is usually the urine from your first urination in the morning. Knowing this, how do you make your own pregnancy test?

The first method you can try utilizes sugar. Surely, you must have sugar in your house, and therefore making this pregnancy test should not be difficult. Prepare three spoonfuls of sugar and a container to hold the sugar and urine. Contain your urine inside the container, then pour in the sugar and wait for a while. If the mixture of your urine and the sugar produces a lot of bubbles, then you are most likely pregnant. You can also the same method using bleach. However, you only need two spoonfuls of bleach. If you are pregnant, then the mixture between bleach and your urine will produce a very strong smell.

Salt is another household item you can use to create a pregnancy test. The hCG hormone reacts directly with salt. Therefore, if you pour salt into your urine that has been contained, the mixture will produce a milk-like solution and that will conclude that you are pregnant. The last item you can use is soap, as the hormone hCG will cause soap to produce a lot of bubbles. Just like the sugar pregnancy test, you will find out that you are pregnant if the solution creates a lot of bubbles.

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There Is No Guarantee Of Accuracy For DIY Pregnancy Test

Although the methods mentioned above is easy to do, there is no guarantee that it will provide accurate results in determining your pregnancy. You may want to do the test numerous times and make sure that you do it fourteen days after the day that you should have gotten your period. Also, remember that it is best to use your first urine of the day for home pregnancy test DIY as it contains the most HCG.