How Long Is Pregnancy


How long is Pregnancy? The Duration of Pregnancy on Human – The duration of pregnancy could be varied between each woman, but the big question how long is pregnancy still remain on people’s mind. You should know the average duration of pregnancy to let you know what you should do and shouldn’t do during a specific age of pregnancy. After knowing the age and estimate the due date, later you can prepare yourself for the labor. Here is what you should know about the duration of pregnancy.

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The most ordinary pregnancy time

The average time needed for the baby to stay at the mother’s body is around 38 weeks from the day of conception into the day where the baby will born. The pregnant duration can be extended into 40 to 41 weeks depending on the mother’s overall condition because there are some factors that can determine the due date of a pregnant woman. It is wise to not expect your baby will come at the exact day of the due date since there are a lot of factors that can make the labor faster or slower than the due date you have estimated. Last menstrual period is the key to determine the start of your pregnancy and estimating the due date. You should know that women who actually deliver their baby at the exact due date are small in the numbers. Typically, due date is 280 days after your last menstrual period, but it is already mentioned that there are factors that can affect make the labor faster or slower.

Certain symptoms during your pregnancy can make your due date faster or longer. Also, the fluctuation of your hormone can determine the due date of your pregnancy. Lifestyle and food have the biggest impact to your due date since those two will affect your hormone and overall condition. So it is best to stay healthy at all times to avoid due date’s fluctuation. A stable due date is better for you and make yourself ready to face labor, mentally and physically.

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How long the ordinary pregnancy based on a research

There is a doctor who specializes in reproductive endocrinologist and infertility at Lenox Hill Hospital in NY named Dr. Tomer Singer. He has his own opinions regarding the early 1980s study about the age of pregnancy. The study itself was done to 125 women and analyzing their urine, focusing on the hormone change to determine the age of pregnancy. He said that the study is not informative enough and only provide general knowledge.

It is a common knowledge that giving birth at the exact due that is quite impossible because of the low chance. Singer always tells his patients that between 37 weeks and 42 weeks after the last menstrual period are the time where your baby is likely to come. The study itself is small and the variable is not broad enough to be generalized into the whole population of women. 30 year old study is also not quite dependable and reliable, according to Singer.

Those are the things you should know regarding the age of pregnancy. You can expect to give birth between 37 weeks to 42 weeks after your last menstrual period. By knowing how long is pregnancy, you can prepare yourself to be better when the labor occur.