How To Shave With Acne


A Gentleman’s Guide on How to Shave with Acne – Having an acne around the shaving area make a lot of people wonder how to shave with acne. For some people, it could be a big problem since reckless shaving can lead to bleeding, especially on the acne.

So how can people overcome this problem? Here are some solutions for you in order to have a better time when you have to shave with acne around.



First, you would need to have your skin cleaned and your face ‘clear’

Warming your hair follicles is the best way to start a shaving session. You can use a gentle cleanser to clear that bacteria and debris off your skin, and then hold a warm soaked towel in your face for a minute. It is important that you don’t move the towel, just hold it steady. It will soften your skin after a minute or two. Warm washcloth is a good alternative if you are in a hurry.

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Get yourself a shaving oil that would not irritate your skin

Pre-shave oil is a good thing to apply on your face before using the shaving cream to smoothen and let the razor glide smoothly on your face in order to minimize nicks and cuts. You can use up to ten drops of shaving oil, depend on the thickness of your beard or moustache. Jojoba, argan, and tea tree are the best ingredients for pre-shave oil. Most of acne sufferers are afraid to use pre-shave oil because they believe that it could cause more breakout. But the fact is, having a moisturized skin is one step closer to clear your face from acne, so don’t hesitate to use a pre-shave oil. It is recommended that you use non comedogenic pre-shave oil since it will clog your pore and may cause harm to your acne.


If you can, do use shaving cream that is free of alcohol

Alcohol will make your skin dry so avoid it and another similar substance. Shaving cream can be used to let you use the razor freely and minimize cuts. Natural based shaving cream is best for you who have problems with acne. You can apply it with your hands gently. But you need to know that applying shaving cream with hands can build up bacteria, so keep your hands clean before using the shaving cream.

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Keep your shaving kits clean and septic-free

Applying some alcohol into your razor after shaving is a good way to keep it clean and always ready to use. The alcohol will make your razor cleaner and bacteria free, so it is safer to use and you don’t have to worry about acne breakout. Another thing to remember is you should keep your face free from oil and cream. Don’t let any leftovers of those two on your face because it can cause breakouts. Use water every time you do the shaving session.

Shaving and acne are quite a trouble for some people. The acne will be easily cut if you do the shaving recklessly, so you have to pay attention to all of the tips mentioned above. All you have to do is use the right type of shaving cream, oil, and how you use your razor. Those are the tips about how to shave with acne.