HPV and Pregnancy


HPV and Pregnancy: HPV can endanger Your Pregnancy
GoodHealthGuide.orgHPV and pregnancy is quite related since HPV or human papilloma virus is a sexual infection which attack the place where your baby live during pregnancy. You should take extra care if you are diagnosed to suffer from HPV. HPV can be dangerous for pregnant women if they are not treat the disease well. Here is some info about the HPV and its relation to pregnancy.

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What is an HPV (the human papilloma virus)?

Across the US, the number one sexual disease or infection commonly found is genital human papilloma virus or HPV. There is a fact that 75 percent of men and women are sexually active will suffer from genital HPV during their entire life. Most of HPV sufferers don’t realize that they are infected since the HPV has no obvious signs or symptoms, and it usually resolves on its own. Vaginal and anal intercourses are having the highest chance for you to be infected by HPV. But, there are also some uncommon cases where HPV can be transmitted without penetration such as oral sex or simply just touching the genitals. Another rare case is where the mother will transmit her HPV to her baby during birth.


Does HPV has any effect on you and your baby?

A good thing is that HPV won’t affect your pregnancy or the overall health of your baby. If in some cases you found genital warts, it will grow faster during pregnancy. Extra vaginal discharge will provide the virus with moist growing environment, hormonal changes, or changes in immune system which make the warts grow faster. Overall, most of HPV sufferers don’t get any problem during their pregnancy.

There is a possibility where you can pass the HPV virus to your baby, but this is a rare case and unlikely to happen. If the baby is already exposed to HPV, the baby will overcome the virus with their own immune system without any symptoms or problems. There are more unlikely things to happen where your child suffered from HPV that causes genital warts. Your child has possibility to develop warts on his/her vocal cord during childhood, also known as recurrent papillomatosis and it is a serious condition but unlikely to happen.

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Can you tell me how to avoid contracting one?

Having one and only sex partner is a great way to avoid yourself from HPV, especially if your partner is healthy and don’t have any obvious warts. Changing sex partner or having more than one is likely to increase the chance of getting infected by HPV. Latex condom is a great tool for you to use during sex to avoid HPV. There is a 70% chance that you will avoid HPV if you use condom compared to raw sex. There are also vaccinations to prevent you from getting any types of HPV after you gave birth.

After, HPV is less likely to infect your baby but keep in mind that there is a small chance that your baby will be infected by the virus. Having a healthy sex life with healthy partner is recommended to prevent yourself from HPV. HPV and pregnancy are related but HPV can’t cause problems to during pregnancy. Thus, now you know the relation between HPV and Pregnancy.