How to Lighten Acne Scars


How to Lighten Acne Scars Using Natural Remedies – Battling with acne and the scars it leaves is a difficult journey, and therefore knowing how to lighten acne scars is important in order to make the scars dissapear faster. Acne scars can deter a person’s confidence, and it is common for people to try everything in their power in order to lighten their acne scars. The efforts people exercise in order to lighten acne scars can start from using various face cleansing creams that they believe will work and end up in acne scar removal surgeries. However, these efforts undoubtedly requires a lot of money to be spent. Therefore, it is wise to opt for natural remedies instead as a cost-saving alternative in lightening acne scars.

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Lightening Acne Scars Using Items From The Kitchen

Using items from the kitchen to lighten acne scars is the cheapest method as most likely, you already have these items and so there is no need to spend money any further. The first remedy that can be tried is using ice cubes. Compressing fresh acne scars using ice cubes can prevent acne from swelling and constrict blood vessels. Other than that, ice cubes can also help in decreasing minor scars and the black blemish caused by acne. In order to use ice cubes as a treatment, cover it with tissue or cloth then compress and wipe it on the inflamed area around 15-20 minutes every day.

You can also use baking soda in order to lighten acne scars, however you should be careful because some skin types might be too sensitive for this remedy. Mix baking soda with water to achieve a paste-like consistency, then dab it on your face. Using baking soda can remove dead skin cells and can also lighten scars on your face within some time.

Another home remedy that you can try is cucumber. Its magnesium and Vitamin A and C content can lighten acne scars. Other than lightening acne scars, cucumber can also give a relaxing effect. There are two ways to use cucumber in order to lighten acne scars. First, you can make a juice out of the cucumber and then use it as a substitute for your toner. Secondly, you can place a slice of cucumber for 30 minutes in order to treat your scars. Afterwards, cleanse your face using cold water.

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Using Aloe Vera to Lighten Acne Scars

Aloe vera can be used in order to lighten acne scars in a certain amount of time as long as it is used correctly. There are a lot of readily available aloe vera gel, but it is better to harvest it from the plant yourself. Take a leaf of aloe vera and just take its gel, avoid the sap as it can cause itchiness. Take the gel, and then apply it on the face for approximately half an hour, then wash your face until it is clean. You can use aloe vera everyday, but be careful of its sap.

Now that you know how to lighten acne scars using several different natural remedies, you can save money on your facial care and avoid using chemicals during the process.