Low Cholesterol Meals


Low Cholesterol Meals But Taste Heavenly

GoodHealthGuide – For several people who have problem with high cholesterol level, they start to limit their meals and choose some diets of low cholesterol meals. But the fact is most of those meals have bad taste. This is one of many reasons why people hate to do a diet. In order to get a healthier body, seems like everyone would like do anything. Why don’t you start to have a healthy meal with a very good taste? It’s not a difficult thing to do, and so the ingredients that easy to find.



Start to Drink Yoghurt

Yoghurt is the best choice for those who want get healthier and eat tasty food. Yogurt is fat free and rich of protein, calcium, and lactobacillus that would help you to reduce high level cholesterol. The taste of yoghurt is delicious and better if you add it with some fresh fruit, such as strawberry and banana.

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Oatmeal is A Good Choice

Oat consist high amount of fiber that will lower your cholesterol level and it is cholesterol free. The fiber in oat will absorb the cholesterol. Oat and fruit are a good combination for your healthy and tasty breakfast.


Consume Fish that Contains Omega 3

Fish that contains omega 3 such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, and sardines is a nice option for those who want to maintain the level of their cholesterol level. Beside of the low level cholesterol, those fish are able to help you reduce the high level cholesterol. It tastes so good and you can turn those fish into delicious meals for lunch or dinner.


Olive Oil is Healthier

Some people never absent with the meal of fried food. But good to know that fried food is not healthy enough to be your daily meal. It is dangerous if you consume it too much and cook it badly. Or when you fry your food with palm oil for several times, it is worse. Consuming fried food is no danger for your life when you do it right, like using olive oil. Beside of its antioxidant, olive oil will gain more good cholesterol (HDL) in your body. But, it will not reduce the level of bad cholesterol (LDL). The taste of food that cooked with olive oil is also tastier. So why do you think twice?

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Choose the Berries

The fruit that categorized as berries such as strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry, contain antioxidant that help you gain the level of good cholesterol (HDL). It is obviously zero cholesterol and taste very good for your daily meal. You can have it as snack, juice it, or add it with yoghurt.

To maintain your cholesterol level, it is not only about the food that you consume everyday. It is also about changing your lifestyle. Choosing the healthier food and being more carefully about what you consume will be perfect if you get it done with physical activity. You have to start it today and don’t ever postpone your healthy life with these low cholesterol meals.