How To Lower Cholesterol Fast

adsense-fallback –  How to lower cholesterol fast may come into someone’s mind who is desperate enough in lowering his/her cholesterol. There are various ways to lower cholesterol, but only a little can be done in a short time. You should see how well your body can adapt when you change your lifestyle in order to get a better result. Here are some tips you need to know about lowering cholesterol in no time.

Make yourself a target or create a checklist

By setting up a target, it will be easier to lower your cholesterol level by controlling your daily cholesterol intake. Also it is a kind of self-achievement and satisfaction if you reach your goal. In deciding the number of cholesterol, you should know how your body works and your family history of heart disease and other cardiovascular problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and smoking.

You need to know about LDL, HDL, and total cholesterol before setting your target. LDL is low density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol that should be avoided as much as you can. HDL is high density lipoprotein or good cholesterol that you should get for a better health. Total cholesterol is the combination of both and other cholesterols.


If you don’t have any problem regarding your cardiovascular, you can take your total cholesterol level to less than 5.0mmol/l and LDL cholesterol level to less than 3mmol/l. Less than 4.0mmol/l of total cholesterol and 2.0mmol/l LDL cholesterol should be your target if you have cardiovascular problems.

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Drugs are an option as well

It is a common thing that if a person suffers from high amount of cholesterol, he/she will take lifestyle change. If he/she has cardiovascular problem, doctor may suggest that person to take a couple of cholesterol lowering medication.


Do something

It is recommended that you do some moderate exercises such as brisk walking because it can reduce the number of LDL cholesterol and raise your HDL cholesterol by up to 10%. You can take any types of exercises as long as you do it regularly. The NHS recommends you to do 150 minutes of exercises each week and you can spread the time to as many days as you can.


Consume more fiber

Fruit, vegetables, and grains contain a lot of healthy antioxidants for your heart and dietary fiber. Some good sources of fiber are dried beans, barley, oats, and any types of fiber products with psyllium in it.

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Lastly, fish is a good choice

Omega 3 fatty acids are good in lowering your bad cholesterol and it can be found on fish and fish oil. It is wise for you to consume two portions of fish in a week, with at least one fish should be an oily fish such as mackerel, sardines, or salmon. Also you can get omega 3 fatty acids from plants like soya beans, flaxseeds, grapeseed oil, and rapeseed oil.

By doing all the tips mentioned above, it is absolute that you will lower your cholesterol level and maintain it at a good level in no time. It is important to know how well your body can cope with the lifestyle change in order to get a faster result. Those are all about how to lower cholesterol fast.