Lowering Cholesterol Naturally


GoodHealthGuide.org –  Lowering cholesterol naturally means that you need to change your lifestyle and avoid any medication as much as you can. There are various ways to naturally lowering your cholesterol. You can do this natural method of lowering cholesterol easily and you will see the result after a couple of weeks. So, here are the tips for you who want to lower your cholesterol naturally.


The eat, the reduce, and the throw away

Taking less calorie intake per day can ensure you to have lower weight, followed by the drops of your cholesterol. You can take a little bit of change in your food and calorie intake so you can maintain it for a long time. You should avoid foods such as fatty, processed, and sugary foods in order to keep your cholesterol level low.


You may consume those foods once in awhile. Also you should avoid fast food such as cheeseburgers, drive-thru meals, and sodas. In exchange of that, you should add more fresh fruits, veggies, and whole grain products. Fiber is a good nutrient for your body to maintain your cholesterol at a safe level. It will bind cholesterol, preventing them to be processed in your bloodstream.

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Food that can lower your cholesterol levels is a must. Eggplant, okra, nuts, fish, and soy are the examples of foods with lowering cholesterol ability. You can use and add those foods into your low cholesterol recipes. Healthier oils such as olive, canola, and sunflower oils can be used to replace butter and high fat dressings. Healthy oils will increase your good cholesterol while butter and fatty dressings and oils can increase your bad cholesterol.

Alcohol may cause harm to your body, but the truth is it can raise your good cholesterol. You can consume one bottle each day to get this benefit. Stay away from cigarettes because it will decrease your good cholesterol, which is important to fight off bad cholesterol.

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What are other things to do to keep my cholesterol level in the safe zone?

Exercising can lower your bad cholesterol and increase your good cholesterol naturally. Small walk, office exercise, and jogging are the examples of exercise that can be done easily. It is also important for you to always check your cholesterol level each day or as often as you can. The key is you don’t need to panic if the numbers fluctuate between high and low. Always follow the advice given by your doctor or physician because they know your health history and can help you to lower cholesterol based on your condition.

You will get a personalized options and plan when you decide to lower your cholesterol with your doctor. They also can offer you some nutritional resources, evaluate the result of your exercises, and sometimes prescribe some of those lowering cholesterol medication.

After all, lowering cholesterol is all about what you should eat and avoid. Pay attention to the mentioned foods and drinks above to keep your cholesterol level low. Doing some exercise and avoid unhealthy lifestyle can boost the result after you done the lowering cholesterol naturally.