How Many Weeks Is A Pregnancy


The Pregnant Weeks: How Many Weeks is a Pregnancy? – Waiting your baby to come would be a great moment, so you need to know how many weeks is a pregnancy. In order to know that, you have to consistently going to your doctor and take every advice given by your doctor so the due date can be estimated. Often times, your baby could come earlier or later, depending on what you do during the pregnancy. Here is some information regarding weeks needed in a pregnancy.

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The average weeks for a normal pregnancy
A normal pregnancy should be completed between 47 weeks to 42 weeks. During the five week period, the chance for your baby to be born is quite high so always get prepared. Premature baby needs and extra care and usually born before the 37 weeks of your pregnancy. Prolonged pregnancy, which is more than 42 weeks, can carry a complications to the mother so give an extra care to those who pregnant for more than 42 weeks. Although most women can estimate the time when their baby will born, the chance for the baby to born at the exact due that is small. In fact, only 1 from 25 babies is born on the exact due date.

It is already mentioned that most babies will be born during the 37 to 42 weeks of pregnancy. But when it comes to twins or triplets, it is not going that way. Triplets and twins have a higher chance to born at premature stage. It is wise to use your last period to estimate the due date and have great accuracy regarding the time your baby will be born. A scan can pinpoint the exact week or ages of your embryo based on their size, which is better compared to estimate the due date using menstrual cycle since every woman has their own cycle. The duration of the pregnancy can be affected by the time needed by the embryo to implant when the mother is conceived. Longer gestation can be expected for fertilized eggs which take longer to implant.

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Does the gene and the race of someone has an effect on this?
Longer pregnancies usually happened to mothers who are older, have had longer pregnancies on their previous births, and have been heavier at birth compared to those mother with short pregnancies. A tall woman will experience longer pregnancies compared to the shorter one. This leads to racial differences, where Caucasian and European women tend to have longer pregnancies compared to African-Caribbean or Asian women. Giving birth a week after the due date is common, but babies who are born at more than 42 weeks of pregnancy are quite uncommon.

Knowing the age of your pregnancy is really helpful in deciding what you should do and what you shouldn’t. It is best to go your nearest medical instance and scan the embryo to determine the age of your pregnancy. Scanning give more accurate due date compared to menstrual cycle due date. If you have a premature or prolonged baby, you should take extra care because the baby and the mother are more likely to be vulnerable compared to those with normal pregnancy. Those are the things you should know regarding how many weeks is a pregnancy.