Oral Acne Medication


Conquering Acne Using Oral Acne Medication
Acne is dreaded by anyone who has them on their skin, and a lot of people turn to oral acne medication in order to get rid of their acne. To be clear, acne itself is an inflammation of the skin with red spots accompanied with pus.

The appearance of acne is affected by a lot of factors, which includes genetics, hormones, stress, excess oil, and bacteria on skin. Acne appears because the pores of the skin are clogged.

There are various medications and therapies out there that can treat acne. Numerous brands of acne products are readily available and can be freely purchased by anyone in drugstores or supermarkets. If you have a higher budget and want a more personalized treatment, you can go to the doctor and get prescription creams. People also turn to antibiotics or advanced technological treatments such as laser and mesotherapy.


In general, acne can become better with the use of topical medication such as cream, gel, ointment, or liquid medication that is smeared on the skin. If topical medication does not give maximum results, a doctor will consider the use of oral medication. The oral medication that is used can be antibiotics in order to kill bacteria that are responsible for acne such as tetracyclin or erythromicin, a combination birth control pill for women, and isotretinoin tablets.

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Vitamin B5 Tablets as Oral Acne Medication

However, there are research out there that claims a generic oral medication which is pantothenic acid or more commonly known as Vitamin B5 can also cure acne if taken in very big doses. The study bases its findings on the fact that acne is a deficiency of coenzyme-A. It declares that with vitamin B5, the patient’s body system somehow gets “acne immune” which means that the body becomes a very undesirable place for acne. At this point, it is really difficult for acne to grow, let alone reproduce. During consumption of vitamin B5 to treat acne, there is no need for patients to wear topicals anymore. Regularly washing the face is declared to be enough. There is always a chance of the occurrence of another breakout, but it will not be as fast and as bad as it was before. It will probably just be 1 or 2 acne in isolated spots.

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Things to Remember When Taking Oral Acne Medication

Whether it is doctor’s prescribed pills or vitamin B5 that you are taking in order to treat your acne, it is important to follow some guidelines which will help treat acne and should be followed in order to achieve the best results. First of all, it is best to stay away from the sun and limit exposure to it. You should also refrain from squeezing your acne. Remember to clean your face with facial wash twice a day. Take these guidelines as a lifestyle so that it will not be a burden for you to follow and as long as you do them while taking your oral acne medication, your acne should become better in no time.