PCA Stroke


GoodHealthGuide – Stroke surely becomes the condition which can be dangerous and it can be found more and more due to unhealthy lifestyle which is followed by many people recently. There are some aspects which will affect the stroke attack and we can find some types of stroke attack which are suffered by many people. One type of stroke attack which can be found is PCA stroke or posterior cerebral artery stroke. This is type of stroke which is less common compare to the stroke which involves the anterior circulation. Nevertheless, it is better for people to have proper understanding about this kind of stroke as well besides the common type of stroke.

Understanding PCA Stroke

For understanding about this type of stroke including about the mechanism as well as phenomenology, the neurovascular anatomy and the brain region structure functions relationship is necessary. It is crucial for making the right identification of stroke mechanism because it will be useful for finding the right preventive therapies which should be done. Yes, prevention must be so much better than curing especially when it is associated to the stroke. Many stroke attacks make people unable to get back to their normal life. It can be deadly as well but still people will have less quality of life after the stroke attack.



When people are talking about stroke attack, we can make sure that there will be some complications which can be found. The complication can be the recurrent ischemic event. Another complication can be the hemorrhage which can be found into the brain tissue that is infracted. The epilepsy which is associated to stroke can also be found as complication of stroke. There are more and more complications which can be found from stroke including the pulmonary infection as well as urinary tract infections. Skin breakdown, chronic pain, depression, as well as dyskinesia and dystonia are included in the stroke complications as well.


Now, people need to learn more about the symptoms which can be found in major PCA stroke. Just like other diseases, there are some symptoms which can be found from PCA stroke. Paramedian thalamic infarction becomes one symptom which can be found from PCA stroke. People who suffer from PCA stroke can also have other symptoms like visual field loss and also agnosia. Baliny syndrome as well as prosopagnosia also becomes the symptoms which can be found in people attacked by PCA stroke. More symptoms can be found from PCA stroke including the motor dysfunction, memory impairment, color vision disorder as well as reading disorder. Macropsia, micropsia, as well as palinopsia are also included in the PCA stroke symptoms.

Understanding for Patients

Of course patients must have proper understanding about the condition after PCA stroke. The understanding about symptoms as well as signs of the acute stroke must be understood properly. The major stroke symptoms include the sudden vision loss and sudden speak or speech understanding ability loss. Sudden weakness and sensation loss can also be experienced on one side of the body. PCA stroke can also cause the sudden in coordination onset.