When Do Pregnancy Symptoms Start


Early Signs of Pregnancy: When do Pregnancy Symptoms Start?

GoodHealthGuide.org – When do pregnancy symptoms start? Until today, there is very little study about this topic. Other than that, the symptoms of pregnancy will be different from one another. Some moms-to-be get their symptoms on the first two weeks of pregnancy, the other can experience it weeks after conceiving. Some also did not experience any symptom, at all.

But if you get pregnant, the first thing you will recognize is the missed period. If you missed your period and then it is followed with the tenderness and swelling on the beast, frequent urination, unexplained fatigue and nausea as well as vomiting. If you experience such things then you can check it using HPT or see the doctor to make sure your pregnancy.

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When your pregnancy is at 2 weeks, the ovulating is just happened and it could be conceived too. The feeling is almost as same as the usual menstrual cycle. The weeks are counted since the last day of your menstrual period.


Pregnancy symptoms at three weeks

In this week, your egg is supposed to be fertilized successfully. After that you will be experiencing the certain process like the cell division. The process will also happen along with the process or making way to the uterus through the tuba fallopian. After they hit uterus, the fertilized eggs implant the uterus lining.

Some women did not feel any differences on the third week. But in some people, they found the implantation spotting even though in tiny bit amount. The other early symptoms happen such as the tender breast, unexplainable fatigue, high sensitivity of certain smell, and frequently urinated.


Pregnancy symptoms at four weeks

The pregnancy is normally begun when you hit the fourth week since your last period. And if you are really pregnant then you will get more noticeable symptoms beside the missed period itself. Well, some women still did not feel anything in the fourth week. But if they feel the symptoms, they may experience nausea, urination that is too often, fatigue, and sore breast too. At least one-third women who are pregnant get the nausea at the fourth week.

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Pregnancy symptoms at five weeks

When your pregnancy is at five weeks, your baby will grow in your uterus and at the dizzy place too. This is why you will be aware of the other discomforts related to pregnancy. The symptoms of previous weeks will also be following too. And sometimes you can get mood swings too since the hormones in your body start to show their activity. You probably will feel a bit stressful too. The five until eight-week stage is the stage when the hormones play role.

The symptoms might continue until your pregnancy at the 8 weeks and the symptoms are still going to be differed from one and another. Since the symptoms will not begin until your embryo formed in certain shape, in case you are pregnant, you better take care of yourself. Because we do not know exactly when do pregnancy symptoms start?