Is Shrimp High in Cholesterol?

adsense-fallback –  Shrimp is favored by a lot of people because of its taste, but a lot of people also asking is shrimp high in cholesterol? You may wondering why there are a lot of article that relates shrimp with cardiovascular diseases. Is it true that shrimp contains high cholesterol? Is shrimp contains more good cholesterol rather than bad cholesterol? Here are the answers for those questions.


How many cholesterol is contained in a shrimp?

Shrimp are often included in a balanced diet because it will produce a different amount of cholesterol based on how you cook it. An important thing you need to know is that shrimp in a serving contain 189 mg of cholesterol. This number fulfills 60% of your daily needs of cholesterol. So, it is no wonder that most doctors believe that shrimp are bad for heart health. In the past, people think that shrimp would increase LDL or bad cholesterol, but the truth is not going that way. Instead, a well-prepared shrimp and consuming it each day in a proper amount can increase your HDL or good cholesterol to support your heart health.



For those with high cholesterol level, what should they do if they want to eat shrimp?

Today, most health practitioner would never tell you to avoid shrimp even if you already have high cholesterol. This is because the nutrients contained on shrimp. It has low amount of saturated fat and contains no trans fat at all, aside from its high amount of cholesterol. Without trans fat and has low number of saturated fats, shrimp can be consumed by those who suffer from high cholesterol. It is a good addition if you decided to follow a balanced diet program. For those who follow strict diet, you can consult to to your doctor or dietitian first before adding shrimp into your daily meal.

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I have a shrimp in my fridge, but I am afraid of its cholesterol level.

It is already mentioned before that you can eat shrimp in a proper amount if you know how to prepare and cook it. Wrong method may lead you to have higher cholesterol. Here are some tips and general suggestions regarding how to prepare and cook to shrimp so it won’t affect your cholesterol number.

First, in order to cook shrimp, you have to bake, grill, boil, or cook it with a bit of oil or no oil at all. Adding lemon juices and season it with spices, garlic, and herbs is a good way to control the amount of cholesterol you will got from a single serving of shrimp. You should not fry or sauté shrimp with butter or oil. Avoid adding salt and creamy or buttery sauce when consuming your shrimp. White pasta and shrimp is a bad combination, so you should avoid over-processed carbohydrate too. These are required to keep your cholesterol level at safe level.

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Now you already know about the shrimp and the reveal of its relation with cholesterol. It is true that it has high level of cholesterol, but it also has minimum bad fat and can increase the amount of good cholesterol. So, is shrimp high in cholesterol? The answer is yes, but it is not as unhealthy as you may think.