Sign of High Cholesterol


What is The Sign of High Cholesterol?
GoodHealthGuideThe sign of high cholesterol is not really easy to know barely. Some people don’t realize if they get a problem with their cholesterol level. Actually, cholesterol is one of the matters that our body needs. It helps the function of hormone and cell system. There are two kind cholesterols, they are Low-Density Lipoprotein and High-Density Lipoprotein.

Sometimes the problem is about the unbalanced amount between the good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. High cholesterol is also caused by various factors such as age, gender, level of physical activity, weight, and weight. We can still control the amount of cholesterol inside of our body by consuming the healthy food. But how do we know if it is a danger sign for our body that caused by high cholesterol? Let’s see these signs that will make you more aware.

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Neck Pain

The level of cholesterol is one of indication that helps the doctor to find out the risk of heart attack or stroke. High level cholesterol stimulates the wall lining inside the artery that will disturb the flow of the blood. This plague causes the pain in some area like the neck because of the vascular disorder.



It is not only neck pain that caused by the high cholesterol. Another sign is headache in some parts of the head. It is because too much cholesterol that build up in your artery will harden your artery (atherosclerosis) that causing a headache.


Leg Cramps

The high tension in the leg muscle is also caused by high cholesterol. But this is not the only one factor of this cramp. The other factor like bad consuming of food and lack of exercise are also the causes of leg cramp.

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Take a Blood Test

Actually, there is no other way to know your cholesterol level than having a blood because it doesn’t cause certain sickness. It is a cholesterol test, or called lipid panel. This test measures all the fats in your blood including LDL (good cholesterol) and HDL (bad cholesterol). From this test, the doctor will able to know the risk of heart attack or stroke. Those are the common diseases that are caused by uncontrolled high cholesterol. The signs above are also possible to happen because the cause of vascular disease is mostly caused by high cholesterol. By taking a blood test earlier to know how is your cholesterol level, you will more preventive to control your food consumption and start to do more physical activity.

Knowing the sign of high cholesterol is a right decision to prevent the disease. But it is more preventive if you change your lifestyle from now on. The level of cholesterol in every person is different based on their age (the cholesterol level will increase as you get older), sex, consumption habits (smoking, alcohol, and fast-food), lack of physical exercise, and heredity. These sign of high cholesterol will help you to know the symptoms earlier, but it is better to save your life to be a healthy life.