Spotting During Early Pregnancy


The Steps to Take If Spotting During Early Pregnancy Occurs – Even though experiencing spotting during early pregnancy can be quite a shock, there is no need to be overly panicked about it. It is recommended that pregnant women are able to differentiate between spotting that is considered as normal and vaginal bleeding that is an emergency condition and needs to get medical help as fast as possible. Bleeding during early pregnancy or the first trimester has to be observed further.

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There are two possibilities of bleeding that can happen. The first one is bleeding in the form of spots or blood droplets that can be seen on the underwear, while the second is bleeding with more volume and needs a sanitary pad so it does not wet the underwear.


The main reason behind bleeding during early pregnancy is the attachment process of the fertilized egg cell on the wall of the ovary. This will look like spots of blood or minor bleeding for several hours or days, but not as much as menstruation. Other reasons include post-sexual intercourse, infection, or hormone changes that are not categorized as dangerous both for the pregnant woman as well as the fetus.


Initial Steps to Take For Spotting During Pregnancy

The initial step that has to be taken for bleeding during early pregnancy is to rest right away. Other steps can be taken, such as lying down and minimizing the time spent standing up or walking. If needed, expecting mothers who are working may want to take leave. You may also want to avoid sexual intercourse as long as the bleeding still occurs. Never use any vaginal cleansing products, and also avoid the use of a tampon. It is recommended to use standard sanitary pads and utilize it in order to measure how much bleeding is happening.

Observe the color of the blood that comes out, for example, pink, brownish red, bright red, or other colors you may find. Beware if bleeding it becomes heavier over time resembling menstruation and if it looks crimson red, or is accompanied by stomach cramps. Continuous observance should be done for non-stop bleeding during early pregnancy. This is because bleeding during early pregnancy can also be caused by riskier factors such as miscarriage, molar pregnancy, or ectopic pregnancy. To find out the cause of bleeding, the doctor will most likely perform an ultrasound or transvaginal examination.

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Beware Of Emergency Conditions

The most important things are that the emergency conditions of bleeding during early pregnancy must immediately receive help from medical professionals. Firstly, this applies if heavy bleeding occurs or bleeding that is accompanied by unbearable pain or cramps in the lower part of the stomach. Other than that, it also applies to bleeding that is accompanied with tissue from the vagina. Any tissues that are excreted during bleeding should not be thrown away, as there is a chance that it will be needed for the doctor’s examination.

Consult with a doctor immediately if bleeding is accompanied with dizziness until passing out, or you experience extreme temperature changes. Spotting during early pregnancy must be taken care of accurately in order to avoid harm towards pregnant women and their fetus.