How to Stop Breastfeeding without Pain

adsense-fallback – When you have a baby, you need to make sure that your baby gets the nutrients that she/he needs. There is no better way to provide enough nutrition for your baby than breastfeeding him/her. Most doctors and nutritionist will recommend you to breastfeed your baby at least until your baby two years old. However, there will be a time when you need to stop breastfeeding your baby. In some cases, stop breastfeeding can be quite difficult and painful. If you want to know about how to stop breastfeeding without feeling any pain, some tips below might be useful for you.

It Starts with Commitment

Breastfeeding your baby is a very good thing since breast milk contains so many nutrients and other substances that are needed for your baby’s growth. However, after certain amount of time, you need to stop breastfeeding your baby. This can be a little bit difficult for some mothers since stop breastfeeding might cause pain. The first step that you need to take when you want to stop breastfeeding your baby is that you need to commit to quit. Commitment is the key to stop breastfeeding your baby. Without commitment, you might not be able to stop breastfeeding your baby effectively.


Make a Schedule

The next step that you need to take if you want to stop breastfeeding is determining how many times you are breastfeeding a day. You can make schedule of breastfeeding to figure out your frequency of breastfeeding your baby. After you know the frequency of breastfeeding your baby, it will be easily for you to decrease the frequency gradually. It’s not recommended to stop breastfeeding immediately. You need to take it slow so that you and your baby can get more comfortable with the new condition. The best way to decrease the frequency of breastfeeding is by taking longer break between each feeding. For example, if your baby is used to breastfeeding at 7PM, you can try to wait until 7:30PM to start breastfeeding your baby. You can slowly add the duration of the break until it became further and further apart.

Find Replacement

Quit breastfeeding is not only about stop giving the breast milk to your baby but it’s also about finding the right replacement for breast milk. There are so many replacements that you can use to replace the breast milk. Some mother replace breastfeeding with other activity such as read a book or eating table food. You also can sit your baby on your lap while you hold her/him. By finding other activities as replacement for breastfeeding, you might be able to stop breastfeeding in more effective and less painful way.

Involves Other People

The last thing that you need to do in how to stop breastfeeding without feeling any pain is involving other people. If you want to stop breastfeeding, you need to let other people keep you baby during the times you usually breastfeed your baby. In this case, the most suitable person for this job is definitely your husband. Without support from your husband, it’s quite difficult for you to stop breastfeeding effectively. Let your husband take over your baby during times you usually breastfeed him/her. After several times, you will be able to stop breastfeeding your baby completely.