Symptoms Of Heat Stroke


GoodHealthGuide – Heat stroke can be the biggest enemy which people can find during summer instead of PCA stroke. There is no doubt that behind the great fun which can be offered by summer, there is deadly threat which is hidden. Yes, people cannot just think that heat stroke is kind of simple condition because death can be caused by heat stroke. People can enjoy summer but they must not forget to make the proper prevention for ensuring that their summer fun will not be disturbed by the heat stroke. They also need to have proper understanding about the symptoms of heat stroke so the early treatment can be done to avoide fatal effect of the heat stroke.

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Common Symptoms of Heat Stroke

Since it is associated to the heat, people who suffer from heat stroke will experience some signs including the high body temperature. People can be considered suffering from heat stroke if their body temperature reaches more than 40 degrees Celsius. They can also have the mental state or behavior which is altered. Some effects can be found from the heat stroke including agitation, irritability, confusion, slurred speech, delirium, seizure, and even coma. Although it sounds surprising, people surely cannot underestimate the heat stroke effect to their body. The sweating will be altered as well. Hot weather becomes the main cause of heat stroke. They will feel the skin which feels dry and hot when they touch it. The heat stroke actually can also be caused by the physical exercise which is caused by the strenuous. In this circumstance, their skin can feel moist. The heat stroke can also make their stomach feel sick. Besides the nausea, they can also vomit because of the heat stroke. Since the body temperature is increased due to the heat stroke, their skin can be flushed and has red color. Because of the heat stroke, the breathing can also be shallow and rapid. The heart race will also be racing because the heart will be pushed for helping cooling the body. Last but not least, heat stroke symptom can also appear in headache.


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Consult the Doctor

Sometimes people cannot see that they suffer from heat stroke although it is usually developed from the heat exhaustion but people can ignore it very easily so it will be developed to heat stroke suddenly. That is why other people have to make sure that they have proper understanding about the symptoms of heat stroke so they can help other people who are experiencing heat stroke. At least they will be able to look for medical help immediately. Besides calling the medical help as soon as possible, there are also some immediate actions which can be performed for cooling down the overheated person before the arrival of the medical help. The overheated person should be removed to the indoor area or shade. The excess clothing must be removed as well. The person must be cooled with anything which can be used for cooling such as the cool shower or cool water tub. The cooling tools can be used especially on some areas including groin, armpits, neck, as well as head. By understanding the symptoms of heat stroke the deadly risks of this stroke can be avoided.