Is Tea Tree Oil Good For Acne


The Real Proof Is Tea Tree Oil Good for Acne
GoodHealthGuide.orgIs tea tree oil good for acne actually can be proven after you truly use it to fight acne. Acne is type of skin problem which can make people have low confidence due to marks or scars left by it. Thus it is not surprising to find wide array of treatments on the market these days, start from the cheap to expensive ones which claimed to be effective in fighting acne problem.

While there are a number of people which believe on the ability of chemical based solutions in fighting this problem, there are also some others who prefer to treat acne using natural remedies. One of the best types of acne natural remedies so far is tea tree oil. This oil is made by steam distilling tea tree leaves which is also known as Melaleuca alternifolia. This tea tree is actually Australian native narrower leaves, particularly in Northern New South Wales.



How tea tree oil works for acne

Is tea tree oil good for acne can be seen from its natural compounds found in it. First, it contains particular compound called terpinen-4-ol which works as antimicrobial agent. Hence, when the oil is applied on skin, it will kill the bacteria which become the real culprit of acne. Besides anti-microbial agents, antibacterial agents also can be found in coconut oil which serves it as great alternative to bad synthetic chemicals which can be dangerous for the skin.

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These antibacterial properties are also quite effective to treat cystic acne naturally. It will penetrate into the skin and unclog the sebaceous glands, sterilize the pores, fade the blemishes, as well as lowering the risk of getting more breakouts. Antiseptic and antifungal properties also can be found in tea tree oil and they both help preventing the acne and get rid of the damaged skin cells. The natural properties in tea tree oil are also great in controlling the oil production which often becomes the main reason of acne appearance.

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How to treat acne using tea tree oil

There are a number of ways of using tea tree oil as acne treatment. First, you can use pure tea tree oil to treat the acne. This technique is very powerful in decreasing the swelling and redness on the breakouts. To improve its effectiveness, you need to wash the acne area using face wash containing active ingredients so that it can fight the acne better. Then, you can apply few drops of this oil into the acne with cotton buds. Leave it for 4 hours or overnight and do this technique regularly for satisfying result.

For alternative method, you can combine tea tree oil with aloe vera in order fight all the bacteria causing acne and make the skin soother with its anti-inflammatory properties. Add few drops of tea tree oil into two teaspoons of aloe vera gel and apply it to the acne. Leave it in 4 hours or overnight and rinse water and pat the skin dry. Repeat this acne treatment using the combination of tea tree oil in aloe vera gel regularly to show is tea tree oil good for acne.