How To Treat Baby Acne


Things the Easy Way: How to Treat Baby Acne – Baby acne sometimes could trouble the parents and then they will start to think on how to treat baby acne. Baby acne is a natural process and commonly happened to almost all of the babies in the world. It is similar to adult acne, but most of it is without the white head of the usual acne. So it looks like a little red and bumpy area on your baby’s face or body. If you find that baby acne is a real trouble, here are some easy ways for you to do in order to keep your baby away from acne.


Clean the face of baby

Washing and cleaning is always to best way to avoid your baby from acne. Do it daily with warm water since it is gentle for your baby and has a soothing effect. You can do this during the bath time. Also, combining it with a baby soap that is mild enough for your baby can increase the chance of your baby to avoid acne. The soap will give moisturizing effect which is good in avoiding acne.



Avoid scrubbing the acne itself

When bathing or drying your baby’s skin using a towel, some parents scrub the baby’s skin. This is bad since it can cause irritation and acne. To prevent these skin breakouts, it is wise to not scrub your baby’s skin with towel. Try to use soapy washcloth and gently sweep it until your baby is clean. Once it is done, you can dry the skin off by patting your baby’s skin with towel instead of scrubbing it.

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Do not use baby lotions in acne skin

Lotions and creams are good for your baby, but you have to pay attention to the substance and ingredients contained inside the product. Your baby may have some allergy or not suited with some baby lotions or cream. You should go the nearest medical instance to know if your baby can take lotions and creams or no. If your baby already has some acnes, you should completely avoid lotions and creams since those two can worsen the acne.


Do not ever think of squeezing that baby acne

Of course, you have to treat baby acne similarly with how you treat your acne. Squeezing an acne is a reckless move and may lead to another skin breakouts such as scar, blemish, and irritation. Squeezing only worsen the acne.

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Patient makes perfect

Generally, all of the baby acne on your baby’s skin will be gone in no time. It depends on each baby, so you can wait until the acne is completely gone without doing anything. Although doing nothing may be uncomfortable, maybe it is the best way for your baby to get rid of the acne.

Baby acne may be provide some trouble for some parents. It will make your baby’s skin red and may be your baby will cry more than usual when having an acne. The tips mentioned above are great ways to get rid of baby acne. So, you don’t have to worry and overthinking on how to treat baby acne since this problem can be done easily.