How To Treat Hormonal Acne


How to Treat Hormonal Acne: Treating Hormonal Acne Naturally – Hormonal acne usually happened during puberty and menstruation, and a lot of people having trouble with how to treat hormonal acne. Some of them may use reckless method to get rid of the acne and having another breakouts because of it. Using chemical on your face may have great effect but sometimes, it can cause skin breakouts too.

Using natural treatment may be the best way for you to cure hormonal acne since it has no side effects to your skin. Here are some recommended natural ingredients to treat your hormonal acne.



Tea tree oil

The principle of the tea tree oil is that it will decrease the inflammation that can lead to acne or simply, removing any bumps that will become acne. The tea tree oil is commonly available in two form, which are cleansers and toners. But there are also some face washes or any over the counter medicine that contain tea tree oil. Pure tea tree oil or tea tree essential oil is not good if applied directly to your skin, so you have to mix it with other ingredients such as coconut, jojoba, or olive oils. The mixture of it should be about 12 drops of other oils to 1 or two drops of the tea tree oil. One trick to test if your skin can adapt with the oil is by putting it on the inside of your forearm for 24 hours. If you don’t experience irritation or inflammation, you can use it on your face.

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Alpha hydroxy acid

Alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs is a substance commonly found in the citrus fruits. It works by removing excess dead skin cells and clogging pores. Another effect of the substance is that it can reduce the scar caused by acne. A lot of over the counter products such as masks and creams use the substance. You need to know that using AHAs will increase your sensitivity to sun, so it is best to combine the use of AHAs with some sunscreen to avoid skin breakouts.

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Green tea

Aside from it good taste on foods and drinks, green tea is also a good food for your skin, especially if you are having trouble in fighting acne. Green tea can be the answer for you. The chemical substances contained in a cup of green tea can decrease inflammation on your body, making this drink popular as a natural acne treatment. You can consume a few cups of green tea per day and do it regularly s your body can adapt with the substance well. Some products have a green tea extract in it. 2% is a good amount on a skin care products so you can use it based on the instructions regularly.

Green tea, tea tree oil, and Alpha hydroxyl acids are considered to be the best natural solution in order to cure hormonal acne. Puberty and menstruation is the big cause of this type of acne so natural treatment should be done in order to avoid unwanted side effects or another breakouts. These are how to treat hormonal acne with natural treatment.