Treating Cystic Acne


Treating Cystic Acne In The Natural Ways – Treating cystic acne is quite different from treating any other acne because cystic acne is more severe. They are painful, and its occurrence is caused by the build up of dead skin cells and oil deep in the pores of the skin or hair follicles.

Even though the face remains as the most common area of concern, cystic acne can actually occur in various parts of the body such as the back, chest, shoulders, and upper arms. They can affect people of all ages. However, for males it is most common during ages of puberty and for females it is most common around the time of their menstruation.

Thankfully, cystic acne can be get rid of using natural ways. Some people prefer to opt for the natural remedies because the more conventional remedies may have undesirable side effects.


Eating Properly to Treat Cystic Acne

In order to treat cystic acne, there are some foods that you may want to avoid and remove from your diet altogether. The first one is conventional dairy, which can be tough on your digestive system even though you are not lactose intolerant. A lot of people have tried to cut down dairy products from their diet which includes ice cream, milk, and cheese, and they saw that their acne benefits from it.

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To see if doing so will work for you as well, try to eliminate it from the food and drink you consume everyday for two weeks. After that amount of time, see if there is any improvement in your cystic acne. If there is an improvement, then you may want to continue cutting it off from your diet, or you can try to replace it with products of higher quality.

You may also want to limit sugar intake as it can worsen the inflammations in your body. Other than that, excess sugar can also feed yeast in your body, which gives rise to the presence of acne on your skin. This does not mean you have to live without any sweet flavor in your life. To substitute sugar, you can try to use natural sweeteners. Besides that, know the foods you should eat and include in your diet which are foods rich in probiotics, zinc, vitamin A, and fiber.

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Living Healthily to Treat Cystic Acne

Other than keeping track of what you eat, avoiding the ones that are bad for acne and consuming the ones that enrich your health, you should also make some changes to your lifestyle for optimum results. Ifi your daily life is filled with stress, try to find a solution to that and make an effort to relax more. Stress leads to the release of hormones which can worsen cystic acne. Your skin will be better the more you relax. You should also be getting a proper amount of sleep every night not only to have an improved health overall, but also to decrease cystic acne related inflammation and have balanced hormone levels. In short, treating cystic acne does not deviate far from making changes to your lifestyle and living healthier.