Biotin and Acne

adsense-fallback –  People told me that Biotin and acne has some sort of relevancy between them in that Biotin would cause acne breakouts. People have been asking me that question, and although I have never heard of Biotin before, this case put me in a moment of pondering. What is Biotin, and will it cause acne if you ever decide to consume one? Before we go any further, let us talk about what Biotin is.

Biotin is a supplement (you know, a substance you take to complement your vitamin needs). Contained in Biotin is the B vitamin, and it is often called vitamin H by some people (a B vitamin called vitamin H. If that is not confusing for you, then I applaud you).

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What can biotins do? Biotins supposedly prevents fragile nails and diabetes. Good? Of course it is good. Having brittle nails is a pain in the bottom. Think of if you broke your nails when you are scratching some place you wanted to scratch. Painful and not very good to look at? Heck yeah.

If you ask yourself the question: why does people take Biotins? Then the answer is this: because some people develop a disease that would put deficiency on their bodily Biotin stock. Some pregnant mothers would also need Biotin because sometimes their pregnancy would put their body in a situation of Biotin deficiency. So if you are pregnant, or you have a Biotin deficiency, then you should take Biotin supplements (ordinary people would not need them, because we naturally get our supply of Biotins from the food we eat).

So, what of the first topic we were talking about?

Ah, I have been derailed, but thank you for reminding me.

Back to the first true or false of the day: does Biotin cause acne? The answer is not that simple, dear friends, for everyone have their own skins. Not all people share the same skin, but let me guide you on the basics of acne and Biotins.

You see, in our body (intestines, to be precise) are two kinds of vitamins: vitamin H and vitamin B5. You take one too many and the others would go down in the drain. Biotin is vitamin H. You take Biotins too many, and the vitamin B5 would have no place in the intestines. You know what can prevent acnes? Vitamin B5s. See my point here?

But I want to take Biotins while not developing acne

Greedy, but humane.

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The obvious choice is to lessen the non-food Biotin source and increase the intake of Biotin from your food only. Supplements might cause unwanted effects, so that is that. Every food contains Biotin, but peanuts have one of the highest Biotin to other nutrition ratio.

The other choice is to isolate the cause of your acne breakout. If you really need to take Biotin supplement, then pick the one that contains only Biotin in it. That way, you will know whether Biotin is the cause or not (many supplements contain not only Biotin but other vitamins as well).

I guess is all I can say about Biotins and its relevancy with acne. Although it might not be that comprehensive, I hope this true or false on Biotin and acne is insightful for you.