Types of Stroke and What Causes A Stroke


GoodHealthGuide – Stroke is now considered as the second leading cause of long term and serious disability in the world, it’s important for us to understand types of stroke and what causes a Stroke. Perhaps we are all aware of the threat, but have we taken the appropriate measures to prevent stroke? Most likely the answer is no. With the increasing number of Stroke incidences, understanding the condition is the first step we must do in order to avoid the threat.

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Many people argue that statistics are nothing but numbers, but when you find out that there are one person worldwide dies from Stroke in every 6 seconds, and the fact that there is at least 1 person in 6 who will suffer a stroke in their lifetime and there are more than 15 million people suffer from either a stroke or recurrent stroke and more than 6 million of them don’t survive from the attack – you will start rethinking your life choices. Do you know anything pertaining to Stroke at all? Do you know that there are two types of Stroke? Yes, Stroke is divided into two types, and understanding the differences and what causes each of them may help us in the long run.



Ischemic Stroke and what causes it

A stroke is often referred to as a brain attack, despite of the fact that it only happens in the brain, the impact is not localized in the brain – rather all body parts. This is due to the fact that during a stroke attack, the sufferer’s blood flow is cut off and the brain cells become oxygen-deprived. Said brain cells may or may not recover depending on a few factors. When it doesn’t recover, they die in a matter of minutes and it results in permanent damage and disability. About 80 percent of reported stroke cases are categorized as Ischemic stroke, it happens when the sufferer’s blood vessel which is used to transport blood to their brain gets blocked. Very often, the culprit is a blood clot which travels from a particular part of the sufferer’s body. Fatty deposits, for instance. These fatty deposits which clog the arteries may suddenly break off and make its way to the sufferer’s brain – simultaneously causing blood clots.

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Transient Ischemic Stroke and what causes it

While majority of types stroke cases are Ischemic stroke, this is not to say that Transient Ischemic Attack is a rare occurrence. This type of stroke is widely referred to as a mini stroke which is caused by temporary blockage. It may not cause a permanent damage in the sufferer’s brain, but the symptoms may last for hours. High blood pressure which typically hovers above 140/90 is cited as the common leading risk for this type of stroke, which is why those who are prone to stroke attacks must keep their blood pressure way below 120/80.

Last but not least, all of the aforementioned types of stroke and what causes a stroke article may lead to hemorrhagic stroke when there is a sudden case of bleeding in the sufferer’s brain.