Best Birth Control Pill for Acne

adsense-fallback – Are you looking for the best birth control pill for acne? When you have enough family member and feel that it is enough to make your family happy, you might try to control birth. This is also what many couples do in order to keep relationship each other but also in the same time to control the birth, The governments of some countries also suggest the couple to control the birth for the country balance. Even Though it is good to be done, there are also some problems that you may face. One of the problems that you may face is the acne. The birth control pill give impact to your hormone and it in the same time make acne appears. So there are some people try to choose birth control pill that also treat the acne in the same time.

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How Can Birth Control Treat Acne

As you know, there is a relationship between acne and hormones. The fluctuation of the hormones will happen during the premenstrual and menstrual period which also impact in the acne present and it is even happen until near the menopause. Ovarium usually produces androgens in the low level. Androgen is hormone, including testosterone which can stimulate sebum to be produced. If the androgen produced in the higher level, it can cause the excess sebum. Acne can appear because the excess production of the sebum. Sebum on the skin can clog the pores and make the bacteria grow inside it so that it will trigger the acne on your skin. With the birth control pill, the amount of the androgen inside your body can result in the less both acne and sebum in the same time. This is because the birth control pills usually contain the hormones called estrogen and progesterone.

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The Benefits and Risks of Best Birth Control Pill for Acne

Several clinical trial has shown that there are both benefits and risks that you will feel when you consume the birth control pill. The benefits of the birth control pill for acne are decreasing acne flare up, make the pimples fewer, it can make less inflammation and severe acne – acne scars. It is better to take the reliable birth control pill with the prescribed from the doctor and it is taken as the prescribed. Even Though it has many benefits for the acne, it also has it own risks that may impact inside your body. The risks that may happen when you take this birth control pill are hypertension or cardiovascular problem, liver disease, headache, and the change of the mood or depression. So it is not suggested for them who has problem on those vital part of body.

Even there are many benefits that you can get by take the birth control pill, you should consider the risks that may appear. Besides, it is very suggested to take this pill by consulting to the doctor. You should take the birth control pill for acne according to the prescribed schedule. By those ways, you can take the most benefits of the best birth control pill for acne.