What is normal cholesterol?


What is normal cholesterol? Normal Cholesterol, Stay Healthy Inside

GoodHealthGuide – Some people say having a normal cholesterol is a must and need efforts to make normally. But, some of them still asking what is normal cholesterol? Well, normal cholesterol is a condition which around the normal limits of cholesterol, it is around 160-200 mg. If your cholesterol is higher than 200 mg, you have to think more about those terrible condition, causes and the treatment. High cholesterol might cause some disease that disturb your body metabolism.



Causes of high cholesterol

Most of people in the world guess that high cholesterol is caused by eating foods. Actually, there are some causes of high cholesterol, such as: food, heredity, age, gender and smoking. Some oily foods are one kind of cholesterol causes, because oil contains a lot of saturated fat which make your cholesterol higher. Heredity can be one of cholesteryl trigger.

If your parents have high cholesterol, it might affect to you or your family. If you are around 50 years old, you have a risk to get abnormal cholesterol. Then, the menopause woman has a big risk of high cholesterol that can cause heart disease. Then, people who like to smoke rich of risk of cholesterol, because the cigarette substances might disturb good cholesterol in their body.

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Kind of disease from high cholesterol

Maybe some of you know high cholesterol will cause some disease, but you may even don’t realize how it is worked and what kind of disease is that. High cholesterol can cause coronary heart, stroke, hypertension, gallstone and diabetes mellitus.

Coronary heart is the main risk of high cholesterol. High cholesterol will make the artery getting narrow and block the blood which flow to the heart. It makes the blood vessels blocked.

The blockage of the blood vessels affects to the blood that cannot flow to the brain. Then, there will be no oxygen and nutrients transferred to your brain. This condition will cause stroke.

Your heart needs more work in blowing blood when you have high cholesterol. Then, this condition increase your blood pressure that can cause hypertension.

Most of people who get gallstone caused by cholesterol. They eat a lot of food with less nutrients and rich of saturated food that can block their digestive system.

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How to handle cholesterol

Many people race to prevent cholesterol, the find some tips for handling cholesterol from books, web, or asking others. I believe you really appreciate to know how to handle cholesterol and how to make lower cholesterol quickly. Here are some simple tips about handling cholesterol below.

Eating healthy food is a must to make our cholesterol normal. It is good for eating fresh food with lack of oil and avoid to fry some meat and fishes in cooking. It is better just boil, steam or bake those foods.
You have to try to eat lot of vegetables and fruit by making juice, extract, salad, soup and any other interesting menu. It will help you to increase unsaturated fat that is really good to your health.

Physical exercises help you to kill fat in your body. You will get a lot of advantages from doing some physical exercises. You can join aerobic, gym or doing your own at home would be better. These exercises will burn the saturated fat in your body which can cause cholesterol higher.

These are tips that might help you to make your abnormal cholesterol will be normal. Then, when people say what is normal cholesterol? You may answer eating healthy food, avoiding saturated fat and doing physical exercises.