White Discharge During Pregnancy


Vaginal Discharge during Pregnancy

GoodHealthGuide.org – White discharge during pregnancy is one of things that could happen when you are pregnant. When someone got pregnant, she will experience various changes on their body. It is important to know and understand about normal things happen due to hormonal change in pregnant women and being aware of it. By understanding all the possible things that you will be experiencing, you can inform the health care provider and also take a good care of yourself.

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The vaginal discharge may be considered as normal in pregnancy when it is thin, mild smelling, milky, and white. This condition is called leucorrhea and nothing you should worry about this condition. Leucorrhea is basically protecting the canal of birth from any infection that possibly will attack that area. Besides, it helps in balancing the healthy bacteria inside your vagina.


Well, you probably may also see that the vaginal discharge is pink or brown. But as long as there is no heavy bleeding in the vagina then it can be considered as normal in pregnancy, especially after sexual activity. But is you see greenish or yellowish discharge along with foul odor then you better call your doctor.


There are also several things you should do and you should not do.

What you should and should not do

You are not recommended to wear tampon because it will bring the new germs into your vagina. You cannot put douche because the healthy bacteria can get interrupted and cause infection in your vagina. If you get something white and milky from your vagina, you better assume that it is vaginal infection then you should treat it yourself.

During the pregnancy, you better use panty liners because it is much more comfortable in any ways. If there are changes in your body, you better call and let your health care provider know about it.


What is abnormal vaginal discharge?

You should be aware of your condition if you find yellow or greenish vaginal discharge followed by the bad smell. You may also feel itchy and redness around your vagina which means that there is infection inside it. Candidiasis is the most common infection occurs in the vagina. You will be familiar with yeast infection term. And the other cause of vaginal discharge with abnormal behavior is the STD.

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Yeast infection

Yeast infection can be experienced by pregnant or non-pregnant women. Besides, the signs are also the same. Itchy feeling is a symptom that will be experienced as well as soreness and redness around the vaginal area. Bad smell of vagina is also the other sign of yeast infection. If you experience pain during the sex activity, you should be aware of that.

This is still considered as normal even though you experience it during pregnancy. But still, it is advised to discuss with your doctor because the doctor will prescribe you the vaginal cream.

Things happen in your vaginal area are sometimes common due to the hormonal activities. But you should take a good care of it since you will give birth through that way. So, this is enough about white discharge during pregnancy.